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Troubleshoot common workflow errors

Last updated: September 14, 2021

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub Professional, Enterprise
Service Hub Professional, Enterprise
Operations Hub Professional

From the workflows dashboard, view a list of workflows where enrolled records have encountered errors. From there, you can navigate into the workflow to fix the error.

If you're looking to learn why your record isn't enrolling, learn more about troubleshooting workflow enrollment instead.  

Identify workflows with errors 

To view workflows with errors:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Automation > Workflows.
  • If any of your workflows have errors, a red indicator will appear on the Workflows with errors tab. To view the workflows, click the Workflows with errors tab. 

  • View the list of workflows with errors. To view the errors in a specific workflow, click the name of the workflow. You'll then be taken to the workflow details page.
  • On the details page, you can view the last 90 days of workflow history. Under the Event column, view any recent workflow errors. You can also view workflow errors from the workflow history

  • Review the common workflow errors below. Errors can either be caused by how the workflow is set up or by issues with the enrolled records:
    • To fix errors associated with a workflow, click Edit in the upper right to access the workflow editor.
    • To fix errors associated with a record, click the Name of the record to access the object record.

It is not possible to manually remove a workflow from this tab or to dismiss existing errors in a workflow. To remove a workflow from the Workflows with errors tab, you’ll need to resolve all errors in the workflow. If the workflow does not encounter any new errors for the next seven days, it will be removed from the Workflows with errors tab.

Common workflow errors 

The following are some common workflow errors you might encounter and the typical steps for resolution. After updating your workflow or record, you can try manually enrolling the contact into the workflow again. 

Error  What the error means Steps to resolve the error
The property couldn't be set because the contact/company/deal isn't associated with any target records The Set property value or Copy property value action is trying to execute, but there is no associated record to update.

For example, if you're using a contact-based workflow and the copy property value action to copy the industry property to a contact's associated company, but the contact does not have an associated company. 
For individual records, you can manually associate the enrolled record to a target record before enrolling again. 

To avoid this error moving forward, you can add an and criteria to your enrollment trigger to ensure that only records with associated target records are enrolled. For example, in a contact-based workflow, you can use the criteria Company ID is known

Contact isn't associated with a company ID Similar to the above, this error occurs if you're using the Copy company property value action in a contact-based workflow, but the contact does not have an associated company. 
The lifecycle stage couldn't be updated because it would have been set backwards The Set property value action can only set a record's default Lifecycle stage property to a value further down the funnel.

This error occurs if the workflow is trying to set a record's Lifecycle stage property backward, such as from lead to subscriber

Learn more about using lifecycle stages
To set a record's lifecycle stage to a specific value regardless of their current lifecycle stage, use the Clear property value action first

Email was not sent to contact because this is a non-marketing contact  The Send email action in a workflow can only be used with marketing contacts.  

Learn more about marketing contacts

To enroll and email only existing marketing contacts in this workflow, you can add an and criteria to the enrollment trigger to enroll contacts with a Marketing contact status property of Marketing contact only.

To send this email to all contacts enrolled in the workflow, you can add a Set marketing contact status action and delay before the Send email action. Do take note that this action increases your marketing contacts count which can affect billing. 

Previously unsubscribed from this subscription type This error can occur for two reasons: 
  • The contact previously manually unsubscribed from your emails. 
  • This portal has GDPR functionality enabled and the contact is not opted into the email's required subscription.   
In this case, the solution depends on the cause of the error:
Email to this recipient has previously bounced Previous emails to this contact's email address have hard bounced. 

Learn more about email bounce types.  
Confirm that the contact's email address is valid. If so, you can manually remove the hard bounce from the record and try sending the email again. 

It is not possible to resend an automated email, but you can:
Recipient was suppressed due to low engagement Graymail suppression has been enabled in either:
  • the specific automated email
  • the account's marketing email settings 

Learn more about graymail and unengaged contacts in HubSpot

To send the email to unengaged contacts, ensure that graymail suppression has been turned off.

First, check that the Don't send to unengaged contacts checkbox is cleared in the Send tab of the workflow's automated email.

 After, ensure that the Don't send to unengaged contacts switch is toggled off in your account's marketing email subscription settings. 

Action was skipped because it would execute in the past The workflow is a Center on a date or Center on a date property contact-based workflow, and the contact was enrolled after the set date for an action has passed. 

For example, if the workflow has been set up to send an email on 11th November, but the contact is enrolled after the execution date on 12th November.   
For workflows with actions that are meant to be triggered on a specific date, you can ignore this error. The enrolled contact will skip to the next available action. 

For workflows with a recurring purpose, such as to trigger an email on a customer's birthday or anniversary, you can set the workflow to recur annually. This will enable the customer to enroll in the workflow and execute all workflow actions regardless of when they were enrolled.  

Outside time window settings. Action rescheduled for [new date and time] The What times do you want the actions to execute workflow setting has been set to a specific timeframe, but the enrolled record has reached an action while outside of this timeframe. To allow your workflow actions to execute at any time, in the workflow editor:
  • Click the settings tab.
  • Under What times do you want the actions to execute, select Any time

Alternatively, if you only want actions to execute in a specific timeframe, you can ignore the error and the action will execute in the next eligible date and time.