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Manage deals, tickets, and custom object records in board view

Last updated: February 14, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

All products and plans

All object home pages have a list view, but objects with pipelines (deals, tickets, and custom objects) also have a board view, where records are shown as cards moving through stages in a pipeline. While in board view, you can edit, delete, and move records between pipeline stages, as well as customize the board and its cards to display specific information.

This article outlines how to manage records in a pipeline while in board view. There are additional ways to edit your pipelines or customize the appearance of board view:

View deal, ticket, and custom object pipelines in board view

  • Navigate to your deal, ticket, or custom object home page:
    • Deals: In your HubSpot account, navigate to CRM > Deals.
    • Tickets: In your HubSpot account, navigate to CRM > Tickets.
    • Custom objects (Enterprise only): In your HubSpot account, navigate to CRM, then select the custom object.
  • Click the grid board icon in the upper left. You can only access the board view for pipelines with defined stages. Learn how to create stages for deal, ticket, and custom object pipelines.

  • To view a specific pipeline, click the pipeline dropdown menu next and select the pipeline.

  • To access a saved view, click the view's tab. To open a saved view not shown as a tab, click + Add view, then select a view from the dropdown menu.
  • If you're viewing deals, a summary of the view's amount properties will appear above the table or board. To hide this summary, click Hide insights in the top right. Click Show insights to display the summary.
  • To hide the records in a stage/status, click the left left carat icon at the top of the column. If a column is already collapsed, click the right right carat icon to expand it.


  • To segment your records based on properties, click the property dropdown menus to filter by common properties, or click Advanced filters to filter by other properties. Learn more about how to filter records and save views, and how to select filter criteria.
  • Click a board card to view a record in the right panel, or click the record's name to view and edit the full record.

Edit or delete records in board view

You can edit record property values or delete records while in board view.

  • Navigate to the records you want to edit. You can open a saved view, or apply filters to find the records you want to edit.

  • Hover over a board card, then select the checkbox to select an individual record.
  • If you're editing multiple records, select checkboxes on the board cards of records you want to edit.
  • To select all of the records in the pipeline, select the checkbox at the top left of the board.


  • To edit the values of a specific property in these records, at the top of the table, click edit Edit.
    • In the dialog box, click the Property to update dropdown menu and select the property you want to edit.

    • In the field that appears, enter or select a new value for the selected property. For multi-select properties:

      • To add new values while maintaining the existing values, select Append to current value(s).
      • To overwrite the existing values, select Replace current values(s).
    • Click Update. For text or single-select properties, this will overwrite the old values in the property for these records.

  • To delete the records, at the top of the table, click delete Delete. In the dialog box, enter the number of records and click Delete. Users must have Bulk delete permission to delete multiple records.

Move records between pipeline stages

While in board view, you can move individual deals, tickets, or custom object records to a new pipeline stage or status.


  • Once the record is moved to a new stage or status, the column's record count is updated and the cards within the column are re-sorted based on your sort criteria. For deals, the column's total and weighted amounts are updated, and the deal's probability may be updated automatically based on the stage's probability.

Please note: when moving a deal to a different stage, weighted totals must be recalculated based on the deal's probability, which may also be updated based on the new stage. While recalculating, a delay delay icon will appear next to the weighted amount.

You can also edit an individual record's pipeline or stage/status while viewing a record.

Sort board cards based on a property

You can select which property is used to determine the sort order of your deals, tickets, or custom object records in each column. For example, you can sort tickets by the most recent value for Create date or sort deals by high to low values for the Amount property .
  • Navigate to the pipeline view for which you want to sort the cards.
  • Click Board options in the top right of the board.
  • Select Sort.
  • Click the Priority dropdown menu, then select the property that will be used to sort the records in each column (e.g., Amount). 
  • Click the Sort by dropdown menu, then select the criteria that will determine the order of the records (e.g., High to low).
  • Click Save.
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