Why are my Email Images being dynamically filtered from my email in Outlook?

Last updated: July 27, 2016

When viewing an email in Outlook, the HTML can be dynamically modified by an email filtering service. A common email filtering service is provided by McAfee. The email filtering service can dynamically replace the HTML source code for the email's images and replace them with a transparent image/gif. When this occurs, there will be a whitespace in place of the image within your email in Outlook.

You can verify this by following the steps below to view the email's source code:

  • Navigate to your email in Outlook and double-click on the message to open it in a new window or select View > Open in New Window.
  • Click on Actions > Other Actions View Source.
Copy out the Source Code from the pop-up window and Paste this into your Text Editor, like Notepad
  • In the Source Code, locate an Images source tag by searching for "src"

If you see the above source for your Images, this is a result of McAfee's email filtering service dynamically replacing the content with a transparent image. If you see this within your emails you will need to work with
your IT Team to adjust the content filter settings within your email filtering service.

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