Common Salesforce integration sync errors

Last updated: December 22, 2018

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub Professional, Enterprise
Service Hub Professional, Enterprise

Converted lead

The contact has been converted from a lead to a contact in Salesforce, but the type of record created in Salesforce when a contact is created in HubSpot is Lead. To resolve this error, select Contact as the type of record to create in Salesforce. 

Data type mismatch

The HubSpot property and Salesforce field in a field mapping have incompatible field types. To resolve this error, change the field type of either the HubSpot property or Salesforce field to match the field type of the other.

Deleted in Salesforce/Merged in Salesforce

The contact is deleted or merged in Salesforce, but still exists in HubSpot. This error doesn’t prevent any data from syncing, but indicates that data in HubSpot and Salesforce might become out of sync over time. To prevent this error, choose to delete a HubSpot contact when its corresponding Salesforce lead/contact is deleted or merged.

Edited during sync

A user in Salesforce or a Salesforce operation is editing an object at the same time HubSpot is trying to sync with it. HubSpot will sync with the object the next time a sync is triggered, or if the object is manually resynced.

Inactive Salesforce owner 

HubSpot can't sync with the object because its Salesforce owner is inactive. To resolve this error, ensure that the owner in Salesforce is active or transfer the item to an active owner.

Invalid domain for a property from Salesforce 

The value provided is not a valid domain for the property. To resolve this error, double-check and enter a valid domain.

Non-unique options

A Salesforce field with options (usually a picklist field type) has two identical options, and HubSpot cannot identify which Salesforce option to sync the value in HubSpot with. To resolve this error, delete one of the duplicate field options in Salesforce.

SOQL queries limit exceeded/Code statement limit exceeded

SOQL queries use the Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to search for data that meets certain conditions in Salesforce, and Salesforce packages run code in a Salesforce organization to retrieve certain information. Each Salesforce organization is provisioned with a certain number of concurrent and total number of SOQL queries and code statements per day.

This error is most commonly associated with third-party packages installed in your Salesforce organization, which can sometimes conflict with HubSpot. For example, a package that deduplicates records in Salesforce may conflict with HubSpot. To resolve this error, uninstall the third-party package.

Unsupported item assigned to queue

An item is assigned to a queue, but Salesforce doesn't support queues owning this type of item.

Validation error

A HubSpot object doesn't meet the requirements for a validation rule that is set on a lead, contact, account, or opportunity record in Salesforce (e.g., "Lead must have a company" or "Account must have a zip code"). If an object can't sync with Salesforce because of a validation rule, the sync will fail indefinitely. To resolve this error, remove the validation rule in Salesforce.