Error: The record this contact was syncing with in Salesforce has been deleted...

Last updated: June 29, 2016

The record this contact was syncing with in Salesforce has been deleted. You can usually fix this by clicking the "Undelete from Salesforce" button below. Learn more.

This error displays in the "Resync with Salesforce" tooltip when the Salesforce lead or contact that had previously been syncing with a HubSpot contact has been deleted from Salesforce.

To resolve, click "Undelete from Salesforce" to create a new lead or contact in Salesforce (it is not possible to restore deleted leads/contacts from Salesforce as they periodically hard delete records in the recycle bin). Please note that if another lead or contact exists in Salesforce with the same email, HubSpot will sync with that contact. The integration will only create a new contact if it can't find a contact or lead with a matching email address.

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