What are the default reports included in the Salesforce Integration?

Last updated: August 29, 2016

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Professional & Enterprise

Please note this article only applies to HubSpot users who started out on earlier versions of the HubSpot-Salesforce connector (versions 2.59 or earlier).

In the HubSpot-Salesforce connector, reports and a dashboard are present to give you clean out-of-the-box reporting on your marketing ROI. Note that depending on the way your Salesforce instance is set up, some of these reports may require some editing before they work for your organization.

Individual Owner Contact/Lead View

Give your Sales reps a look at all of the leads and contacts they own with these handy reports. Included is all of the high level contact information, along with pertinent HubSpot data, for your sales team to reach out from right there.

Leads Generated by HubSpot by Source

Always know how HubSpot is performing at the top of the funnel, down to the source that is generating the most leads, with this graph. Sales will be able to see Marketing’s performance month over month transparently and easily. This report is similar to the Sources report inside of HubSpot.

HubSpot Generated Leads by Status

View Sales efficiency and throughput by looking at what percentage of leads generated by HubSpot have been touched in a given month. Set an SLA with your Marketing team for these goals, and monitor sales throughput in one simple graph.

Opportunities from HubSpot by Stage

Funnels are the best visualization of your opportunity pipeline and efficiency by stage of an opportunity. Easily view your HubSpot opportunities by what stage of the deal they are in so that you can tinker with your team's efficiency and get an accurate portrait of how your team is likely to perform this month.

Leads are great, but they only mean so much if they’re not translating into opportunities. See the month over month trend of opportunities generated by HubSpot using this graph.

Won Opportunities Generated by HubSpot

This is where it gets good. After generating leads and opportunities, the natural question is how many of them are turning into actual, paying customers.

Revenue Generated by HubSpot

Ever questioning HubSpot’s value? This is the graph for you - down to brass taxes insight into how much of the revenue that you are generating originated from HubSpot activities. Compare this graph to your leads generated by other means for a complete picture of how your different efforts are impacting your bottom line.

Revenue Generated by Campaign

Running a paid campaign and trying to assess if it’s worth it or not? Get the ROI for your campaigns with this report to compare with costs associated with running the campaign with the revenue generated from it.