Why are my errored syncs not automatically retrying?

Last updated: January 5, 2017

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If a HubSpot contact attempts to sync to Salesforce, but is unable to do so successfully, the failure will be indicated by a warning symbol and message within the Salesforce Sync section on the contact record.

Additionally, you can view all of your portal's sync errors by navigating to the Account Menu > Integrations > Salesforce Settings > Sync Errors. (Learn more about fixing these errors in this help article.)

All contacts with errors will automatically be retried by HubSpot every 20 minutes up to ten times. Once a record has errored ten times it will be placed in a "timeout queue," and retried with all other errored records in this queue every night at midnight GMT.

Errored records can also be forcibly retried from the contact record (by clicking the Resync button in the Salesforce Sync section), or in bulk by navigating to the Sync Errors screen, selecting Details for a particular error and clicking Retry syncing contacts.

Retry Syncs

Because retrying syncs may use significant resources in the form of API calls and Salesforce data storage (HubSpot Logs/Log Messages), syncs will not retry if one of three conditions are met:

  1. There is no HubSpot API Call Limit and HubSpot has used more than 5,000 API calls in the past 24 hours
  2. HubSpot has used more than 75% of the HubSpot API Call Limit
  3. We have attempted to sync the record 10 times and have received an error on each.

HubSpot will not allow errored syncs to retry once one of these thresholds has been met in order to preserve the remaining API calls for new syncs that may occur. You can find more information regarding your HubSpot API call usage by navigating to Account Menu > Integrations > Salesforce Settings > API Call Usage. You can resume the syncing of these errors by waiting for more API calls to become available or by raising the HubSpot API Call Limit.

Once you have addressed the errors prohibiting contacts from syncing, the corresponding HubSpot Logs may be deleted from Salesforce in order to decrease overall data usage by following the steps listed here.

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