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Customize your HubSpot Sales Chrome extension settings

Last updated: October 13, 2020

In your HubSpot Sales Chrome extension settings, you can configure your default options for the extension. You can connect the add-in to another HubSpot account, configure your default log and track settings, and access your email integration settings.

To access the extension, in your Gmail inbox, click the sprocket icon sprocket ain the top right. You'll see a list of settings that you can configure to your liking.


Log and track settings

You can customize your default log and track preferences so the settings are applied each time you send an email from Gmail. You can also add email addresses and domains to the Never log list to prevent emails sent to these addresses or domains from logging to HubSpot.

Customize your log and track preferences

Configure your preferences so you don't have to select the log and track checkboxes each time you send an email.

  • To log every email to HubSpot that you send while using the extension in Gmail, click to toggle the Log email switch on.
  • To track every email that you send, click to toggle the Track email switch on.

Never log settings

Emails sent to an email address or domain included in your Never log list will never save to your CRM. Email tracking activity will also not appear on the contact's timeline. 

  • In the Never log field, enter email addresses or domains you don't want to log emails for and click Add.
  • To remove an email address or domain from this list, click Manage next to the email address or domain, then click Remove.
  • Users with Account permissions can add email addresses and domains that are blocked for every user in their account. Click Manage next to the email address or domain and click Block for all users.log-and-track-settings

You can also specify Never log emails and domains in your HubSpot account settings and block specific IP addresses from email tracking in HubSpot.

Email integration settings

Manage the settings for your connected inbox. You'll be brought to your HubSpot account's email integration settings where you can connect or disconnect your inbox, and configure the following additional extension settings:

Turn off the extension

Turning off the extension for an email inbox will fully disable the extension in that inbox. This will remove the ability to use sales features like sequences, templates, documents, and the Track and Log options in your inbox.

To disable tracking for your inbox, click Turn off extension for this Gmail inbox. turn-off-extension-and-remove-from-inbox

Please note: HubSpot will continue to send notifications for tracked emails that were sent before you disabled the extension.

HubSpot account

You'll see your account information listed here. If you're using multiple HubSpot accounts, you can switch the account the extension is linked to.

  • Click Switch HubSpot account.
  • You'll see the HubSpot account you're currently connected to marked as In use. You'll also see a list of your other HubSpot accounts. To select a different HubSpot account to sync with your tracked and logged emails, click Select next to that account. switch-connected-hubspot-account
  • In the dialog box, click Switch account, then click Close and refresh inbox.