How to identify and fix Salesforce integration sync errors

Last updated: November 15, 2017

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There is a dashboard of Salesforce sync errors built right into the Salesforce integration with HubSpot. As syncing issues occur, the integration will display these in the Sync errors dashboard to allow you to view each error within HubSpot and fix these issues. If there’s ever a time where you feel like a contact didn’t sync properly, this will be the best first place to visit.

Go to Integrations

In your HubSpot account, click your photo or avatar in the top right-hand corner, then click Integrations.

Salesforce settings

Within the Salesforce section of the Integrations page, click Settings.

Sync errors

Select the Sync errors tab.

Sync errors dashboard

Now you’ll see any and all sync errors the integration has picked up and hasn’t yet been able to resolve on its own. This dashboard shows the overall health of the connector, the number of contacts affected by the sync error, the cause of the sync error, as well as details on how to fix the error(s).

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Fixing a sync error

Let’s check out the invalid email address error and how we might be able to fix it. To do this, click Details.

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Details on sync error

A pop-up window will give you a more descriptive summary of the error that occurred. Also provided is a sample list of contacts affected by this sync error.

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Retry syncing contacts

In an attempt to resolve this error, click Retry syncing contacts, which will force the integration to try the sync again.

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Create static list

If the error persists, it can be advantageous to create a static list of contacts while addressing the error, so that you can have all contacts affected by the sync and can resync all of those contacts with Salesforce once the issue is resolved. To do this, click Create static list within the sync error detail window. This will create a static list you can see under Contacts > Lists.

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After you’ve gone through each sync error that displays in the Sync Error dashboard, any contact that hadn’t synced between HubSpot and Salesforce previously should now have synced and pushed any new data from one system to the other. Once the errors have been resolved, your Sync Error dashboard should look something like this:

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