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Pay your invoice with credit cards issued by Indian banks

Last updated: June 28, 2023

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On October 1, 2021, the Reserve Bank of India issued a directive that impacted merchants processing payments against credit cards issued by Indian banks. The change causes some payments processed from a credit card issued by an Indian bank to be declined when the payment is made to a non-Indian entity such as HubSpot. 

How this affects HubSpot customers

As a result of the directive, HubSpot cannot currently accept Indian-issued credit card payments over the USD equivalent of 5,000 INR. Some payments under the equivalent of 5,000 INR may also fail. Additionally, Super Admins may have received a notification that your monthly HubSpot invoice payment failed to process. You are able to make one-time (i.e. non-automated) payments with an Indian-issued credit card to pay your open invoices. 

How to pay

There are three methods to pay your HubSpot invoice: 

  • Make a one-time payment:
    • In your HubSpot account, click your account name in the top right corner, then click Account & Billing.
    • Click the Transactions tab.
    • At the top you'll see how many invoices are due along with the total amount. Pay all invoices at once by clicking Pay all invoices
    • To pay an individual invoice, click Pay now next to the oldest outstanding invoice.
    • In the right panel, select your payment method:
      • To use an existing payment method, select the listed payment method.
      • To add a new credit card, click Manage payment methods
    • If your credit card was issued in India, you will need to enter the card's security code. After that, click Pay Invoice.
    • You will be redirected to your bank for an additional security check. Then, you'll be redirected back to HubSpot.
Please note: one-time payments can take up to 24 hours to process and may not reflect immediately on your Transactions page. If the invoice appears open, please wait 24 hours before attempting your payment.
  • If you have a credit card issued from a non-Indian bank:
  • Use another payment method: 
    • Follow these steps to view and download your HubSpot invoice.
    • Find alternate payment options in the How to Pay section at the bottom of your invoice. 
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