Add a parent or child company to an existing company record

Last updated: January 7, 2019

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise

In HubSpot, you have the ability to associate companies in a parent-child relationship. To add a parent or child company to an existing company record: 

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Contacts > Companies.
  • Scroll down to the Related companies section on the left-hand side.
  • Click Add child company or Add parent company.

  • In the dialog box, search for the company you want to add, then click Select

If you’ve added a parent company, you’ll have a link to the parent company and the ability to quickly see the other child companies of that same organization.

If you’ve added a child company, you’ll see links to the other child companies. You can add additional child companies by clicking Add another company



Can I create more than one level of parent-child relationships?
Yes, you can create multiple levels of parent-child relationships. However, only one level of the hierarchy will appear in the Related companies section: the immediate parent and child companies of the record you are on.

Can a child company be attached to more than one parent company?
No, a child company can only be associated with one parent company. 

Can a parent company have more than one child?
Yes. Each parent company can have up to 10,000 associated child companies.

Is it possible to import companies to a parent-child relationship?
No, not at this time.

Does this work with the SFDC integration?
No. If you associate two companies in a parent-child relationship in HubSpot, that relationship will not sync to Salesforce. It is also not possible to sync that relationship from Salesforce.

How does this impact the contact-company automatic association?
Parent-child relationships do not affect the automatic association setting. If you have multiple companies with the same domain name and you add a contact with an email domain that matches the company domain name, HubSpot will associate that contact with the oldest company in your database. Whether that company is a parent or child does not impact this behavior.

Is there any data transfer between parent and child companies?
No. Right now, all associated contacts and deals, as well as all activities logged on the company records, will remain on the company record. There is no data sync between parent and child companies and no data will roll up to the parent company.