How can I update the options for a property?

Last updated: January 31, 2018


Follow the steps below to add, remove, or otherwise update the value options for the multiple checkboxes, dropdown select, and radio select contact properties in your account.

  • Navigate to your contacts. Click the Actions dropdown menu and select Edit properties.
  • Use the tabs at the top to choose between Contact propertiesCompany properties, or Deal properties.
  • Hover over the property in question, click select Edit or View
  • Make edits to the property's values under the options section.
    • Click the checkbox(s) to the left of your options to Remove or Merge options.
    • Edit the label or internal value in the text fields.
    • Use the toggle on the right to show or hide the option in your forms.
    • Start entering a new label or click Add an option to add options.
  • Use the arrows below your options to go to the next page of options or use the dropdown to select Show all options if all of your values are not appearing in this list.

  • Click Save.

If you have multiple options that you need to add at once, you can copy and paste these from a text editor or Excel spreadsheet into HubSpot.

  • Click Load options > paste in your own options.
  • Paste in your labels on their own line.
  • Select either Add to the current options or Replace the current options.
  • Click Apply and Save

See this article for more detail about editing and maintaining properties in your account.

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