How to set an expiration date and time for a landing page

Last updated: December 6, 2016

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Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
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As a marketer, you create landing pages for special promos and/or events. When the time period for these special promos and/or events passes, you may want to expire the landing page and not delete it as you may re-use it in the future. In HubSpot, you can now set an expiration date and time for a landing page, and set a redirect for visitors who attempt to access the landing page.

  • From your HubSpot Marketing account, go to Content > Landing Pages, locate the Landing Page in question and access it for editing. If you're creating a new Landing Page instead, click on Create a new page.
  • Click on the Settings tab, and scroll down to Advanced Options.
  • Under Page Settings, select the check-box Set landing page expiration date/time.
  • Proceed to set the Expiration Date and Time, and finally Select a redirect page - Use the drop-down to select one of your published HubSpot pages, or click on External URL to redirect visitors to an external page.

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