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How do I troubleshoot the HubSpot Sales Office 365 add-in?

Last updated: November 30, 2017

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Marketing: N/A
Sales: Free, Starter, Professional

There are two HubSpot Sales options for Outlook users: the Outlook plugin and the Office 365 add-in. For installation instructions and information about requirements for each, check out this article.

Below, you'll find troubleshooting steps for the Office 365 add-in. If you are looking for troubleshooting steps for the Outlook plugin, you can find more information here

I cannot install the Office 365 add-in

In order to install the Office 365 add-in, you must:
  • be using a supported version of Outlook
  • have access to the Microsoft store.
  • have the necessary permissions from your email administrators to use third party add-ins in your inbox.
  • add the add-in in each inbox if you are using multiple inboxes. 

If you've ensured you meet the above criteria and have followed the installation instructions here, but are 

My email wasn't tracked

There are a few reasons your email may not have been tracked when using the Office 365 add-in:

  1. Your inbox has not been connected. The HubSpot Sales Office 365 add-in requires a connected inbox to work. 
  2. The add-in wasn't open when the email sent. To open the add-in, click Sales Tools in the Outlook ribbon at the top of the compose window. If the Sales Tools icon is grayed out, please restart Outlook.
  3. The Track email box was not checked. You'll need to check the Track email box for each email you'd like to track. To do so, click Sales Tools in the Outlook ribbon at the top of the compose window, then check the box in the pane that appears on the right-hand side. 

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