Can I segment my lists based on rolling date ranges?

Last updated: August 25, 2017

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Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
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Yes, you can segment your lists in HubSpot using rolling date ranges. This can be especially useful when you want to segment based on your contacts' recent activities. Below you'll find examples of how you can use rolling date ranges in your HubSpot account. 


To see a list of leads who filled out a form within the past week, create a list based on form submissions. When setting up your list criteria, click Refine by... below the name of the form you've selected, then click the Rolling dates radio button and select Happened less than 7 days ago in the dropdown menu. Click Done.

You can also use the is more than and is less than options to segment by rolling dates on any date property in HubSpot. For example:

  • To see a list of contacts who have not received any email from you in the last year, segment your list based on Contact PropertyLast email send dateis more than | 52 weeks | ago and click Done
  • To see a list of contacts who have visited your site in the past month, but have not converted on any forms in that time, use the is more than and is less than criteria for the contact date properties Time of Last Visit (is less than 4 weeks ago) and Recent Conversion Date (is more than 4 weeks ago) using the same steps as the example above.

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