How to create a preview of your 'Contacts with low engagement' in the lists tool

Last updated: December 21, 2017

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, Enterprise

If you choose to use the Don't send to contacts with low engagement feature, you may wish to understand how this feature will impact the recipients of a specific email before you send it out

You can create a list of contacts that would be excluded from a specific marketing email with just one click.

  • In the Recipients tab of the email editor, select the lists or individual contacts that you'd like to include as recipients for this email.
  • Click the Contacts with low engagement link to automatically populate the Contacts with low engagement list, which will open up in a new window.  The list will include any contacts from your selected email recipients who have not engaged with the last 11 or more emails you've sent to them. 

By default, the Contacts with low engagement list is read-only and the criteria can't be edited. The list can be deleted if you no longer need the information. 

You can create a list to preview the affected contacts of a specific email at any time by repeating the steps above.

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