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Last updated: October 12, 2018

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Why are some contacts included in or excluded from my list?

Contacts may be unexpectedly included in or excluded from your list because AND vs OR logic was used incorrectly in the list criteria.

What is the difference between 'contains the word' and 'is equal to'?

The is equal to list operator requires an exact match. For example, if you create a list with the criteria Favorite travel destinations | is equal to | Australia, a contact whose favorite travel destinations property value contains "Australia" and "Brazil" will not be added to the list.

The contains the word list operator does not require an exact match. For example, if you create a list with the criteria Favorite travel destinations | contains the word | Australia, the contact above (with two favorite travel destinations) will be added to the list.

If a contact is on multiple lists I'm sending to, will the email send multiple times?

If your email is set to go out to more than one list and you have contacts that may be on more than one of the selected lists, HubSpot will automatically deduplicate contacts based on the email address. Each recipient will only receive one copy of your email.

If I import a list two times, will it create duplicate contacts?

HubSpot will deduplicate contacts based on the email address, so importing the same list twice will only result in one contact created per email address.

Will deleting a list delete its contacts?

When you select the checkbox next to the list you want to delete in the Lists dashboard and click Delete, only the list itself will be deleted. A dialog box will appear to confirm that the contacts in the list will not be deleted.

Learn more about deleting contacts in a list.

Is there a limit on how many lists I can have in HubSpot?

In Marketing Hub BasicProfessional, and Enterprise accounts, there is a limit of 1,000 active lists and 1,000 static lists. In Marketing Hub Starter accounts, there is a limit of 25 active lists and 25 static lists.

Will the Email filter include contacts whose email addresses have changed?

The Email filter in lists evaluates contacts based on all historical email activity (e.g., clicks) for all email addresses ever associated with a contact record from the time that email address is associated with the contact. Even if the email address of the contact is later changed, the interactions from their previous email address are still counted towards list segmentation.

For example, a contact may submit a form with their personal email address <>, and you then send them an email titled "Thank you for subscribing!". Later, they submit a form again with their business email address <>. HubSpot deduplicates the contact using cookies and updates the contact's Email property with this new address <>

If you create a list to filter all contacts who received the "Thank you for subscribing!" email, the contact will meet the list criteria, even though they received the email at <> and the email address currently set on their record is <>.

Why were a number of lists created when I created a persona?

Four active lists are created when a persona is created. The naming convention for these lists is "[Persona Name] Persona - [Lifecycle Stage]". These lists are created in order to highlight the number of contacts in various lifecycle stages in each persona.

The lists are not editable and cannot be deleted. You can create a folder in the lists tool and add the persona lists to the folder if you don't want to see them in the lists dashboard.

How do I paste multiple values in my list criteria?

You can paste multiple values in your list criteria for properties that accept multiple values by separating each value with a semicolon (;). For example, if you want to identify contacts from Boston, Philadelphia, or New York, paste "Boston; Philadelphia; New York" into the Contact Property City > is equal to field.

How do I create a list based on a value a contact used to have for a property?

On the left side of your list, select Contact property, Company property or Deal property, followed by the specific property. Select has ever been equal to OR has never been equal to, then enter a value.

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