How are tracking URL visits bucketed in the sources report?

Last updated: December 21, 2017

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The sources report in your traffic analytics tool analyzes the utm tracking parameters contained in a tracking URL using a series of rules to determine the source of the visit.

Below are the possible buckets that a visit from a tracking URL may be categorized into in the sources report (Social Media, Paid Social, Email Marketing, Paid Search, and Other Campaigns) and the rules that will categorize a visit into a specific source. These rules are listed in order of importance; the first rule that is matched will determine the source of a visit.

  1. Social Media: utm_medium = social AND utm_source = the name of a social network.
  2. Paid Socialutm_medium= paid AND utm_source = the name of a social network OR utm_medium= paid AND referring domain is a social media site OR utm_source or utm_medium = paidsocial.
  3. Email Marketing: utm_source, utm_medium, or utm_campaign contains the word 'email'.
  4. Paid Search: utm_source, utm_medium, or utm_campaign contains the word 'adwords', 'ppc', or 'cpc'.
  5. Other Campaigns: utm_source, utm_medium, or utm_campaign is present in the URL and does not contain the word 'email', 'adwords', 'ppc', or 'cpc'.

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