HubSpot-Salesforce Connector Package v3.0 | Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: December 19, 2018

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise

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Find answers and general information quickly about the updated HubSpot-Salesforce Connector Package v3.0, released on August 6, 2018.

For quick answers about the general HubSpot-Salesforce integration, refer to this article: Salesforce Integration | Frequently Asked Questions.

Before updating to package v3.0

After updating to package v3.0


How do I update to the new HubSpot-Salesforce Connector Package?

In your HubSpot account, click your account name in the top right corner, then click Integrations. In the Salesforce integration, click the More dropdown menu and select View details. Follow the instructions in the yellow banner on the Salesforce settings page.

After you complete the steps above, navigate to a lead/contact record in Salesforce that is syncing with HubSpot. If you've already added the HubSpot Visualforce module to your page layouts, the module will be updated to the new version. 


You can verify that the package is successfully updated by navigating to your Installed Packages in Salesforce and ensuring that the HubSpot Integration package is on version 3.0.


What's the difference between the HubSpot Intelligence Object and the HubSpot Intelligence Visualforce window?

The HubSpot Intelligence object is a custom object that the older connector package created in order to sync analytics information from HubSpot to Salesforce. The HubSpot Intelligence Visualforce window is an iframe that pulls information directly from the HubSpot contact record, and can be added to lead, contact, account, and opportunity page layouts in Salesforce.


Do I have to add my Salesforce users to HubSpot in order for them to be able to see the HubSpot Intelligence Visualforce window?

Yes. Users need a minimum of contacts view access in HubSpot in order to view content in the HubSpot Intelligence Visualforce window in Salesforce.

You can import your Salesforce users directly into HubSpot using HubSpot's Create user function.


Can I still view the analytics information that used to be stored on the custom object?

Yes. You can create field mappings to sync conversion data on the Salesforce lead and/or contact object to standard HubSpot contact properties. Mapping Salesforce lead and/or contact fields to HubSpot contact analytics properties will provide the most comparable experience to reporting on the HubSpot Intelligence object.


Can I delete the HubSpot Intelligence records in Salesforce?

Yes. If the data is not being used, you can delete the HubSpot Intelligence records in Salesforce after updating to version 3.0 of the package.


Can I remove the Lead Nurturing Visualforce window from my Salesforce page layouts?

Yes. As the new Visualforce window includes workflow enrollment, the Lead Nurturing Visualforce window is no longer needed. If you've successfully upgraded to version 3.0 of the package, the Lead Nurturing window will be blank. To remove the Lead Nurturing window, hover over it and click the remove icon in the top-right corner. remove-lead-nurturing-window