What happens to contacts in a sequence when the sequence is edited or deleted?

Last updated: November 13, 2018

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Sequences are linked to the HubSpot user who created them. If a user is downgraded or deleted from your account, the contacts enrolled in sequences created by that user will be unenrolled

Changes to your sequence won't automatically carry over to the contacts already enrolled for future scheduled steps. However, deleting a contact from your CRM will unenroll that contact from any future sequence steps.

Learn how to manage your active contacts in the following situations:

Deleting a sequence

If you delete a sequence, the actions in that sequence will continue to execute for the contacts enrolled

To prevent active contacts from going through future actions, unenroll them before deleting the sequence. 

Editing a sequence

If you edit the steps in an active sequence, the changes will only be applied to newly enrolled contacts. You'll need to unenroll and re-enroll active contacts for these changes to apply to them. As an alternative, you could also make edits to a scheduled sequence email under the Schedule tab.

Unenroll and re-enroll your contacts

After you unenroll your contacts, you can re-enroll them in any step of the sequence. When enrolling the contact, click the Start dropdown menu and choose the step (email or task) at which you'd like to start the sequence for this contact. Edit the emails in the sequence and determine when each step should execute, then click Start sequencesequences-re-enroll-contact

Edit a sequence email under the Scheduled tab

You can edit the steps for contacts in your active sequence under the Scheduled tab on your sequences dashboard: 

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Automation > Sequences.
  • Click the Scheduled tab. 
  • Here you'll see the contacts currently enrolled in your sequences and the emails that are scheduled to be sent to them. To edit one of the sequence emails, hover over it and click Edit. You can also unenroll the contact from the rest of the sequence by clicking Unenroll.

  • In the dialog box, make your email edits and then click Save changes.

Please note: editing scheduled send dates or times on one sequence email can affect scheduled send dates or times of later emails in the sequence. The tool respects the delays that were set up when creating and enrolling the contact in the sequence.

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