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Block self-open email notifications with the HubSpot Sales Outlook desktop add-in or Chrome extension

Last updated: January 29, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

All products and plans

When you open a tracked email that you sent from your Outlook or Gmail inbox, you may trigger an instant open notification from HubSpot Sales. If you want to block these notifications, make sure you're using the most up-to-date version of the extension or add-in and that you've configured your browser to support notifications.

Block self-open notifications with the Outlook desktop add-in

Please note: these steps apply to the HubSpot Sales Outlook desktop add-in on Windows. If you have the HubSpot Sales Office 365 add-in, learn how to block IP addresses to prevent self-open notifications while using that add-in. 

  • Ensure you are allowing cookies on your device. If cookies are not turned on, you may have two problems:

To allow cookies:

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Search for Internet Options
  • Click the Privacy tab.
  • On the Privacy tab, click Advanced.

  • Make sure Accept is selected under Third-party Cookies, and the Always allow session cookies checkbox is selected.

  • Click OK.

Once these settings are saved, you may be prompted to sign into HubSpot Sales in Outlook one more time. With cookies turned on, you should no longer need to log in to HubSpot Sales every time you open Outlook moving forward.

Block self-open notifications with the Chrome extension

By default, if you open a tracked email in your Gmail sent folder, the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension will not trigger a notification. However, if your browser has a misconfigured setting or you have a conflicting extension, HubSpot may not block these self-open notifications. To prevent self-open notifications:

You can also prevent open notifications from your colleagues or specific contacts by blocking their IP addresses. Learn more about blocking specific IP addresses from tracking in your HubSpot account.

Please note: keep in mind that mobile devices often have dynamic IP addresses so they are consistently changing. Therefore, blocking your mobile device's IP address may not completely prevent open notifications.

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