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Troubleshoot Office 365 inbox and calendar connection errors

Last updated: January 27, 2023

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When you connect your Office 365 inbox or calendar to HubSpot, you might encounter an error during the connection process. Learn about the root cause of these common errors and how to troubleshoot them.

Permissions required to connect Office 365 inbox or calendar

If you're an IT resource, note that HubSpot uses Graph API for Microsoft 365 to integrate with your inbox. For the Office 365 calendar, HubSpot uses the Outlook REST API. HubSpot requires the following scopes in order to connect: 


Office 365 inbox and calendar not found

This error means that your Office 365 account does not have a mailbox for the email address you're trying to connect. For example, you may have an Office 365 account that you use for other products such as Word or Excel, but your email is hosted with a different email provider. You will need to choose the correct provider to connect your calendar or email.


HubSpot automatically connects to the wrong email

If you see that HubSpot is automatically connecting to the wrong email address, make sure you haven't opted to stay signed into your Office 365 account.

To resolve the issue:

  • Navigate to the Office 365 homepage.
  • In the top right, click your profile picture, then select Sign out.
  • After logging out, navigate back to your HubSpot email integration settings, then follow the steps to connect your Office 365 inbox or calendar to HubSpot.

Unavailable - API access not enabled for mailbox

You'll see this error in your HubSpot account as OFFICE_ERROR_REST_API_NOT_ENABLED_FOR_COMPONENT_SHARED_MAILBOX. This error can be caused in one of two ways:

  • This error can be an indication that you're in the process of being migrated from an or other service to an Office 365 account. This migration can take some time, and this error will appear if you attempt to connect while migrating.
  • This error can also mean that your domain is using a hybrid on-premises exchange and an Office 365 setup. This means that you have an Office 365 account, but you do not have a mailbox managed by Microsoft directly. As a result, HubSpot cannot access the REST API for your mailbox. HubSpot requires REST API to connect to an Office 365 account. One way to verify that your email inbox isn't hosted on Office 365 is to look up your email domain in MX Toolbox, which is an external site that displays MX records. For example, this MX lookup shows that the domain is hosted by Office 365, but this MX lookup for shows no known email provider.

If you see this error, you will need to connect using a different email provider. For example, you could connect via IMAP or via Exchange if you're running an Exchange server.

Connected Office 365 inbox displays as outlook_[string_of_characters]

You may see outlook_[string_of_characters] display instead of your email address when you connect an Office 365 inbox. This is because HubSpot does not support using a non Microsoft domain primary alias. This can causes issues with sending or syncing your emails from your connected inbox. Learn more about this issue and Microsoft's recommended solution

Interaction required error

If you see an "Interaction required" error when connecting your Office 365 inbox, it means your user needs access to the HubSpot Sales application in Azure AD. You may need to work with your email administrator to get access. Learn more assigning users to an application in Azure AD

Need admin approval

This error occurs when your IT administrator has configured restrictions on installing applications to your local Azure Active Directory environment.

o resolve this error so you can proceed to connect HubSpot's Office 365 integration, your admin can take one of the following approaches:

  • Update user consent settings: follow these steps in Microsoft's Azure documentation to turn on the Allow user consent for apps from verified publishers, for selected permissions (Recommended) setting. Since HubSpot is a verified publisher, users in your account will be able to connect inboxes without any further intervention once your admin turns on this setting.
  • Enable the admin consent workflow: follow these instructions outlined in Microsoft's Azure documentation to turn on the Users can request admin consent to apps they are unable to consent to setting. Once this setting is turned on, an admin will receive email notifications to prompt them to approve a request from a user to install a third party app. Admins can also review and approve pending requests on the Admin consent requests page.
  • Consent to permissions for the tenant: use the Microsoft identity platform admin consent endpoint:
    • Copy and paste their tenant ID into the URL below, then navigate to the resulting URL in a web browser. This will generate a Permission requested prompt with the option to consent to the app for the Office 365 tenant.
    • After this consent is granted, your admin will need to manually add users to the HubSpot Sales app from Enterprise applications.{TENANT_ID}/v2.0/adminconsent?client_id=450987b3-a09a-4f14-9b2c-4f301d1e15f5&scope=
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