Forward emails to a hosted email address in the conversations inbox

Last updated: September 13, 2019

If your inbox isn’t hosted with Office 365 or Google, or you’re using a Google Groups account or email alias to communicate with contacts, set up a hosted email in the conversations inbox. Add the hosted email as a forwarding address in your mail client so you forward emails to the conversations inbox.

Please note: when an email is forwarded to a hosted email address in the conversations inbox, HubSpot associates that email to the contact record with the From email address in the original email, not the forwarder's email address. This ensures that the emails are correctly associated to contacts if you're using an automated forwarding rule in your inbox.

Set up your hosted inbox

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Conversations > Inbox.
  • In the bottom left, click Inbox Settings, then select Email.
  • Click Connect team email.
  • Select Yes, this is a shared account.
  • Click Next.
  • Select Other mail account.
  • On the next screen, customize how your from name and from address will display when a contact receives an email from you:
    • To customize the from name that displays, click the From name dropdown menu and select an option.
      • Agent and company name: select this option to display the user's name and the company name. Enter the company name in the text field.
      • Company name: select this option to display the company name only. Enter the company name in the text field.customize-from-name-in-hosted-inbox
    • To customize the from address, select the radio button next to one of the options.
      • Use default: the default from address for users in a paid account will display as [username]@[subdomain] The default from address for free users will display as [username]@[subdomain]
      • Customize from address: in the the text field, enter the email address you want to display. Click Verify to confirm that you have access to that emailcustomize-hosted-email-address

Please note: if you're a Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, or Service Hub StarterProfessional, or Enterprise user, you can enter a connected email sending domain as your custom send from address. Learn how to connect an email sending domain

  • On the right, preview how the from name and from address will display in the contact's inbox. 
  • Click Next.
  • By default, incoming conversations are left unassigned for your team to triage. If you want to route the conversation to specific users and team members, click to toggle the Automatically assign conversations switch on.
    • Click the Automatically assign incoming conversations to dropdown menu and select a routing option:
      • Specific users and teams: route incoming submissions to the user(s) or team(s) selected. Select the user(s) or team name(s) from the Specific users and teams dropdown menu.
      • Contact owner: route incoming submissions to a contact's owner. The contact must have an owner assigned to their record and be tracked with a cookie. If the owner is offline, the submission will be emailed to the visitor's owner.
  • To create a ticket for each new conversation, click to toggle the Automatically create tickets switch on.
    • To customize the ticket properties, click Edit ticket.
    • Edit the properties in the right panel, then click Save.
  • Click Next.
  • In the Copy your forwarding address field, preview your forwarding address. To edit the forwarding address, click Customize address, then in the dialog box, edit the address and click Save.

Please note: you cannot edit the forwarding address after this step. Make any changes before you finish setting up your hosted email.

When your hosted email is successfully connected, you will see it listed with your other connected team email channels. Learn how to respond to emails that are forwarded to the conversations inbox.