How to set up your deal pipelines

Last updated: December 16, 2016

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Deal pipelines enable you to accurately predict revenue and identify roadblocks in your selling process. Deal stages are the steps that signify to your sales team that an opportunity is moving toward the point of closing. These stages live within your deal pipeline(s) in HubSpot and indicate the likelihood an opportunity is to bring in revenue at a given time.

 You'll want to define and update your deal stages based on the buyer’s journey. Follow the steps below to set up your deal pipelines and stages. 

Navigate to your Deals Settings

Click on Settings in the main navigation and select Deals in the left sidebar menu. 

Edit or create a new pipeline

Scroll down to the Deal Pipelines and Stages section. Here you'll be able to view and edit the structure of your current pipelines or create a new pipeline. 

To edit the stages in one of your existing pipelines, click the Edit button to the right or click Add a pipeline to set up a new pipeline.

Set up your deal stages

Within each pipeline, you can customize your deal stages, which allow you to see where your qualified leads are within the sales process. When you edit or create a new pipeline, a dialog box will appear with the stages of that pipeline. 

You can reorder your stages by dragging and dropping. You can also edit the deal stage and set a win probability, which indicates the likelihood that a deal will close if it's at that stage. Click + Add a deal stage to create and set up a new stage in this pipeline. 

You can delete a stage by clicking the trash icon to the right. If there are currently deals in that stage, you'll be prompted to select another stage to which you'd like to move those deals. 

Need some help breaking down your deal stages? Check out this blog post for advice on designing your sales process. 

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