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Earn Managed MRR Credit

Last updated: April 3, 2023

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Partner Account

HubSpot Solutions Partners earn tiers based on the level of success achieved by their clients using the HubSpot platform. The two determining factors for partner tiers are: Sold Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Credit and Managed MRR Credit. 

Managed MRR credit is a measurement of the total HubSpot subscription MRR value that you are actively servicing as a Solutions Partner. It is determined based on the eligible activity within your clients’ HubSpot accounts. As long as you are actively servicing clients in their HubSpot account, you will be awarded managed MRR credit. This credit is converted to managed points that contribute to your Partner tier.

For example, if you are servicing a client that pays USD$1000 a month for their HubSpot subscription, you will earn USD$1000 managed MRR tier credit and thus 10 managed points that contribute towards your partner tier. Review the currency-to-points conversion table here.

You do not need to sell a HubSpot subscription to a customer to be eligible for managed credit while serving them. 

Please note: if two or more partners service the same client account, the Managed MRR credit will be divided evenly amongst the servicing partners.

All the following steps must be completed to earn managed MRR credit for a client's HubSpot account:

  1. Create a user in your partner account.
  2. Assign the client to said user.
  3. Create the same user in the client's account.
  4. Ensure the user performs qualifying activities and is actively engaged in the client's account. 

Qualifying activities are active engagement from the Partner within the client’s account. Each tool has its own set of qualifying activities based on active engagement with that tool. For example, you need to publish a blog post to count as a qualifying activity.

  • Creating and editing assets are considered active engagement in most tools.
  • Simply logging into the client account does not count as a qualifying activity.

Earn Managed MRR credit

  • In your HubSpot partner account, add a user and set them as a partner employee
  • Assign the client to the created user. The client must be assigned before any partner activities are attributed to Managed MRR credit.
    • If the user’s email address matches the partner-approved email domain, the client will automatically be assigned to the user. 
    • If the user’s email address does not match your partner-approved email domain, you need to assign the client to the user manually.
      • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Partner > Dashboard.
      • Click the Partner Employees tab.
      • Hover over the user you want to assign the client to and click ActionsAssign Clients
      • In the right panel, click the dropdown menu and select the client to assign to the user.
      • Click Confirm.
    • To confirm if the user has been assigned a client, review the Clients column on the partner dashboard. 

  • To determine if you have an approved email domain set up, contact your Channel Consultant.
  • In your client's HubSpot account, add the same partner user.

You will receive Managed MRR credit as long as your employees are set up correctly as users, and consistently perform qualifying activities in the client’s account.

  • Each qualifying activity performed by each user counts towards Managed MRR credit for 60 days, after which it will expire. 
  • Once the activities of all partner users in the client account expire, you will stop receiving Managed MRR credit.

Please note: certain partner tiers have additional requirements for the number of qualifying activities that must be performed in a given timeframe. Read more about those requirements here.

To confirm if you’re receiving Managed MRR credit for your user’s activity in the client’s account:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Partner > Dashboard.
  • Click the Points Breakdown tab.
  • Use the search bar to search for a specific client.
  • In the Managed column, you will see both the Managed MRR Credit in the client’s account currency, and the Managed Tier points associated with the client.

Ending the managed client relationship

You will no longer receive Managed MRR credit after ending a managed relationship with a client. Any one of the following actions will immediately end a managed relationship: 

To remove client access for partner users:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Partner > Dashboard.
  • Click the Partner Employees tab.
  • Hover over the specific user and click ActionsView Employee Details
  • In the right panel, hover over the client you want to remove access for and click Remove access


  • In the popup box, enter REMOVE and click Remove access.

Only the client can reinstate access to a partner user once they have been removed from the client’s account. The managed relationship will end after access for all partner users is removed from the client’s account. 

Please note: depending on user permissions, removing all partner users from the client's HubSpot account will require assistance from the client. 

Doing the following will not immediately end a managed relationship between you and your HubSpot client. The relationship will only end 60 days after the last qualifying partner activity in the client account:

  • Deactivating all users who manage the client in your partner account. 
  • Ceasing all partner activity in the client’s account. 
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