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Manage Partner employee access to client accounts

Last updated: December 5, 2023

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Partner Account

Partner admins can easily manage partner employee permissions in their clients' HubSpot accounts directly from their Partner account. This creates a streamlined experience for clients and allows clients to give extensive permissions to partners.

Before you get started

Review the table below for the differences between the two types of admins and the available features:

  Super admin Partner admin Available features

Elevated account access



  • Edit access for all CRM objects, products hubs, and applications.
  • Targeted admin permissions needed for Partners to serve customers.

Full admin privileges





  • Ability to add and remove other super admins
  • Management of account billing and financial transactions

Paid Sales or Service Hub features



  • Partner admins do not need be assigned a paid Sales or Service Hub seat to use the features.

Multi-account management features




In addition, Partner admins do not have access to the following features:

Please note: Partner admin is a permission set applied upon user creation or applied to existing users. Partner admins can have individual permissions removed or added as needed. 

To become a Partner admin and manage your employees' permissions, you need access to the Client Access Manager. To do so:

To become a Partner Admin in a client’s account, you must first give your client your Partner Admin access link. Only Solutions Partners and Providers can be Partner Admins. 

  • In your Partner account, navigate to Partner > Client Access Manager.
  • In the upper-right, click Get access link
  • In the popup box, click Copy link to copy your personal access link. Send this to your clients.


  • Once your client opens and approves your access, link, you will be created as a partner employee in their HubSpot account with Partner Admin permissions.
  • You will receive an email when your client has approved your access link. 


Add users to your client's HubSpot account

Partner Admins can add Partner employees or contractors to client accounts directly from your partner account. 

  • In your Partner account, navigate to Partner > Client Access Manager.
  • In the Clients tab, hover over the client you want to add Partner employees to and click Actions > Add employees. You can add both partner employees and contractors. 

Please note: the client name displayed in the Client Access Manager comes from the name of the company record in your partner CRM, which may differ from the client's official name.


    • In the popup box, click the Partner employees dropdown menu and select which users to add to the account.
      • Click the Permissions template dropdown menu to select which permission set these users should have. 
    • Click Add employees. 
  • To assign contractors to new Partner clients: in the Contractors tab, hover over the contractor you want to add to a client's HubSpot account and click ActionsLink clients
    • In the popup box, click the dropdown menu and select the client
    • Click Confirm

Update user permissions in the client's HubSpot account

Partner Admins are able to update Partner employees’ permissions in their client account from their Partner account. To do so:

  • In your Partner account, navigate to Partner > Client Access Manager.
  • For employees and contractors: In the Clients tab, hover over the client you want to edit user permissions for and click Actions > Details
    • In the popup window, hover over the employee whose permissions you want to edit and click Actions > Change permission set


    • Click the Permission set dropdown menu and select which permission set you want to apply to the employee.
    • Click Confirm
  • For contractors, you can also: In the Contractors tab, hover over the contractor and click ActionsDetails
    • In the right panel, hover over the client and click ActionsChange permission set
    • Click the Permission set dropdown menu and select which permission set you want to apply to the contractor.
    • Click Confirm

Partner Admins can only add or remove permissions that they have from another user. For example, in the case that the Partner Admin does not have Reports access permissions:

  • If they add an employee or change the employee’s permission set, the employee will not have Reports access permissions.
  • If the employee already has Reports access permissions, it will not be removed when the Partner Admin changes their permission set. 

Remove employees or contractors from the client's HubSpot account

Partner Admins can remove employees or contractors from a client’s account via the Partner account. When removing personnel, Partner Admins can review all assets owned by the user.

If you are a super admin or have View and Edit Partner Employee management permissions, you can deactivate or remove any partner user from any client account. You must be a partner admin in a client account to reactivate

  • In your Partner account, navigate to Partner > Client Access Manager.
  • Navigate to the Employees or Contractors tab. The Employees tab lists all full-time employees of your partner agency, while the Contractors tab lists all Partner Employees working on the client on behalf of your agency. 
    • For employees: Hover over the employee you want to remove from the client account and click either Deactivate employee or Remove from all clients
    • For contractors: Hover over the contractor you want to remove from the client account and click Remove contractor from clients.
  • In the wizard, review all client accounts that the Partner employee is a user in and all assets affected.


  • Click Next.
  • Review the removal information and click Remove employee (for employees) or Done (for contractors). 
Please note:
  • If all employees in a client's account have been deactivated, as a Partner admin, you can either reactivate or remove all of them from the account.
  • If you (the Partner admin) and all employees have been deactivated, any partner employee in the partner account who is a super admin or has View and Edit Partner Employee management permissions can remove you and all other users from the client account. 

Migrate from super admin to Partner Admin

If you are already a super admin in your client’s account, you can become a Partner Admin through your partner account. 

  • In your Partner account, navigate to PartnerClient Access Manager.
  • Hover over the client account you want to be a Partner Admin for and click Change to Partner Admin.
  • In the popup window, click the Keep billing permissions toggle on if you want to retain your billing permissions in the client account after becoming a Partner Admin. 
  • Click Confirm. 
Please note:
  • Once you are a partner admin, you can use the Client Access Manager to change other super admins to Partner admins. 
  • There must be at least one super admin in the client account. If you are the only super admin in the client account, it will not be possible to change yourself or others to a Partner Admin. 
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