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Prospects | Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: October 28, 2019

Find answers and general information quickly about the prospects tool in HubSpot.

Why am I seeing unexpected data in the prospects report?

Your prospects tool sources data from various public sources around the web. Occasionally, users have found that a visit appears under the wrong company in the prospects tool. There are a few possible reasons for this:

  • Over 60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices (and this number continues to increase). It is possible for a visitor to connect from a different network and show up under the wrong company prospect.
  • By default, your prospects tool will automatically contain the filter Internet service provider | is equal to | false, so you won't have internet service providers in your prospects view. You can remove this by clicking the X on the filter, or by editing the filter to Internet service provider | is equal to | true, and then selecting Update filter.  
  • The prospects tool looks at a visitor's IP address to tell you which companies are visiting your website. Oftentimes, small companies and individuals browsing the web from home won’t have their own IP address. In those cases, if you are not filtering out ISP traffic, the company that appears in prospects is just the internet service provider (like Comcast, Cox, Verizon, etc.).

How does HubSpot know the IP address for a given company?

HubSpot maintains a proprietary database of company IP addresses.

Why is another IP tracking tool showing me different results?

Every company maintains their own proprietary list of companies and IP addresses. HubSpot's proprietary list is fairly extensive, but other companies might have access to data that HubSpot doesn't, and HubSpot might have access to data other companies don't.

Can mobile visits be IP tracked?

If a mobile visit comes from a corporate IP address, HubSpot will be able to look up the company. If it comes from a mobile network like Verizon, AT&T, etc, there's no way to identify the company.

Can companies outside the United States be tracked?

Yes, HubSpot's database includes companies outside the United States.

How does data get updated on company records from HubSpot insights?

Company information is refreshed every few months if new data is available for that company, but HubSpot will not overwrite any information you or your team have added to the CRM.

Why is the Daily Prospects Digest email missing some prospects?

There are a few reasons why a prospect may not appear in your Daily Prospects Digest email:

  • You may not see a prospect in your email because the prospect was previously hidden; these prospects will not be in your daily email.
  • The Daily Prospects Digest email will only show up to 15 companies if you haven't subscribed to any custom views.
  • If you do subscribe to custom views, the Daily Prospects Digest email will only show up to five prospects per custom view you're subscribed to.

Why does my prospects visited from location not match their actual location?

The prospects tool gives you a general idea of where your prospects are accessing your pages from. The tool gathers information by recording the IP addresses from which the content is accessed. There are a few reasons why the traffic may show as coming from one place, when it should be coming from somewhere else:

  • The visitor could be connecting to the internet through a VPN or another server which is located somewhere outside of their office.
  • The visitor's internet service provider (ISP) may have redirected the traffic as a part of optimizing their service.
  • The visitor may be using browsing security software, which routes their traffic through another source so that they are removed from any threats on the web.