Edit properties

Last updated: January 16, 2019


To edit a property:

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, click Properties.
  • Click the Contact propertiesCompany propertiesDeal properties or Ticket properties tab to access the relevant property to edit.

  • Click the name of the property to edit.
  • Edit the property.
    • Label: enter the name your users will see for the property.
    • Description: enter the description of the property.
    • Group: click the dropdown menu to select the property group the property should be in.
    • Field type: click the dropdown menu to select its field type.
    • Add to search: select to allow the property values to be searched. This option is only available for properties with the Single line text field type.
    • Show in forms: select to allow the property to be used in your forms as a field.
    • [Property type] options: this section is available for property types with options, such as Dropdown select and Radio select.
      • Click the label and interval value of an option and enter the updated value.
        • Label: the text that appears when the property is used in your HubSpot account in forms and records, and when it is used as a personalization token.
        • Internal value: the value HubSpot tools and other integrations installed in HubSpot use to reference the option. It is not recommended to change this value as it may affect any functionalities referencing the option (e.g., lists, workflows and reports).
      • Click to toggle Show in forms on to enable the option to appear when the property is used as a field in a form.
      • Click the checkbox of an option and in the header, click Remove to delete the option.
      • Click the checkboxes of two or more options and in the header, click Merge to merge the options together.
      • Click add Add an option to add an option to the property.
      • Click listView Load options to add multiple options to the property. You can select a pre-existing set of options provided by HubSpot in the dropdown menu, paste in your options or copy options from another property.
    • To delete the property completely, in the upper right, click Delete. If the Delete button is greyed out, the property is currently used in other HubSpot tools and can only be deleted once removed from those tools.

Please note: generally, HubSpot's default properties cannot be customized. In such cases, the specific editing options will be greyed out.

Changing an existing property to a different field may make previously captured information for that property invalid. It is recommended that you export all information prior to editing the property.

  • Click Save.