How can I use the Eventbrite integration with HubSpot?

Last updated: April 27, 2017

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Before your event, you can use HubSpot to promote your event through email and social posts. While registration is open, you can use lists in HubSpot to segment your registrants and attendees and increment their lead scores. And after the event, you can use HubSpot to stay in touch with your attendees and continue to nurture them. Learn how to get started below.

Syncing your Eventbrite events to HubSpot

Before you can begin segmenting and nurturing your event registrants and attendants in HubSpot, you will need to integrate your accounts and turn on the sync. Learn how to do so here.

Segmenting registrants and attendees

Once you have enabled the Eventbrite integration with HubSpot, a few new segmenting options will appear in your lists and workflows. You can now segment on the following HubSpot contact properties:

  • Last Registered Event
  • Last Registered Event Date

You will also see the following options for segmenting in your list based on properties synced from Eventbrite:

  • Registration property
  • Attendance property
  • Refund property

Here are some example lists you can create:

In HubSpot Marketing, navigate to Contacts > Lists. Here you can create a new list and choose to begin segmenting your contacts.

Event registrants - Registration property | Event Name | is equal to | [enter your event name]

 Event attendees - Attendance property | Event Name | is equal to | [enter your event name]

Contacts who have registered for an event in the past month - Contact property | Last Registered Event Date | is less than | 4 weeks ago

Nurturing and Workflows

Once you've created your lists, you can use them to send one-off email blasts or as a starting condition in a workflow to send emails to your different segments. Using these lists is particularly convenient for automating emails near the time of certain events, like registration and attendance and changing contact properties. You can also use workflows to send follow up emails after the event. 

Lead Scoring

Similar to list segmentation, if you are using HubSpot's manual lead scoring feature you can set up rules based on Eventbrite properties. 

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