What are Salesforce tasks and how can I report on them?

Last updated: November 15, 2017

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise

Salesforce activities are separate marketing and sales activity records that are created as Salesforce tasks on leads and contacts. They can be used in Salesforce activity reporting or to trigger Salesforce workflow rules. 

Within your HubSpot-Salesforce connector, there is a section called Timeline sync where you can set which HubSpot contact interactions should be synced to Salesforce.  

Where can I find the Timeline sync section in HubSpot?

  • In your HubSpot Marketing Professional or Enterprise account or in your Sales Professional account, click on the account dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner > Integrations.   

  • Under the Your integrations tab, locate Salesforce and then click Settings to the right of it.  

  • Select the Timeline sync tab at the top of the screen. 
  • Under this tab, you'll see marketing and sales activities such as form submissions, email interactions, and meetings. The checkboxes beside each activity specify which ones are syncing to Salesforce. You can read more about these activities syncing to Salesforce here.

How can I report on activities in Salesforce?

If you are using Salesforce activities and would like to report on them, you will need to create a new report for tracking:

  • In your Salesforce account, click the Reports tab.
  • Click New Report...  

  • In the next screen, select Activities > Activities with Leads OR Activities with Contacts (you will need one report for leads and one for contacts). Then click Create in the lower right-hand corner. 

  • Change the filter values to show all completed activities across whatever time frame you're tracking. 
  • To filter by a specific email or form, you will need to add a filter by clicking Add beside the Filters label. 
    • All activities created by HubSpot have the same naming convention of [Activity Type]: [Name of Activity].
    • For example, a form called Test Form would show as Submitted: Test Form on the subject line of the activity.
    • Your filters can segment on both the name of the event and the action taken.
  • Click Save.
  • You can now create a report following the steps above, but adjusting for the new record type.