Compose and reply to emails in the conversations inbox

Last updated: September 24, 2020

Applies to:

All products and plans

After you set up your conversations inbox and connect a shared email address to the inbox, learn how to send emails to your contacts directly from the inbox.

Please note: if you're not able to reply to a thread, make sure you're a team member in the inbox's settings. When an inbox is only visible to specific users and teams, only the users and teams selected can view and reply to incoming conversations. Users with Account Access or Super Admin permissions can view any conversations inbox in the portal, but cannot take actions in the inbox, such as assigning a conversation or replying to a thread, unless they are added as a team member.

Compose an email

Compose an email in the inbox to start a conversation with your contacts.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Conversations > Inbox.
  • In the upper left, click Compose. conversations-compose-button
  • In the pop-up box in the bottom right:
    • Click the To dropdown menu and search for a contact's name.
    • Click the From dropdown menu to send from another connected team email address.
    • In the Subject field, enter your subject line.
    • Write your email. You can use an existing email template, or insert a document or meeting link into your email.
    • Use the icons across the bottom of the email editor to modify your text style, insert a link, add an image, include a snippet, link to a knowledge base article, or upload a file. conversations-email-composer
  • The outgoing email will be logged to any record (contact, company, deals, or ticket) associated with the recipient's contact record. If you do not want the email to log to an associated record, click the Associated with dropdown menu, then clear the checkboxes for the specific records, or add new associated records.
  • Click Send.

You can view the outgoing email in the Sent view in your conversations inbox. If you included any attachments in the outgoing email, the attachments will also log to the record's timeline.

Respond to an email conversation

Reply to any messages sent to your team email address in the inbox. A new contact record will be created for any incoming messages if a contact record using that email address doesn't already exist. 

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Conversations > Inbox.
  • In the left panel, click an email conversation to open it. 
  • Review the email reply. If the email is larger than 100 KB, scroll to the bottom of the thread and click View entire message to open the full email in another browser tab. 
  • In the reply editor, write your response.
  • When you're done with your message, click Send.
  • If you need to CC or BCC additional recipients, add more recipients in the To field, edit the From email address, or manage the associated records, click the Edit email details icon enlarge to expand the email composition window. enlarge-email-reply-editor
  • When the conversation is over, click success Mark as closed in the upper right.

You can also reassign a conversation, comment on a thread, move a conversation to another inbox, or forward an email to another team. Learn more about collaborating with your team in the inbox

Please note: if you forward emails to the conversations inbox, keep in mind that an email with a subject line that contains "FW" or "FWD" will be logged to the original sender's record. When these prefixes are included in the subject line, HubSpot looks for contact information in the original email. HubSpot will review the plain text version of the email for this information. Learn more about managing your forwarding settings