Set up email filters in your conversations inbox

Last updated: March 10, 2021

Applies to:

All products and plans

When you connect your team's shared inbox to conversations, all incoming emails will be sent to this inbox. To keep your inbox organized, configure filtering rules in your inbox settings to keep your inbox free from emails that don't require your team's attention. 

To configure your filtering rules:

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Inbox Filtering rules
  • Each filtered rule will be enabled by default. Click to toggle each rule's switch on/off. Any conversations that apply to enabled rules will be moved to the Filtered view in your conversations inbox:
    • Automated Response Email: an auto-generated email such as an automatic reply or out-of-office reply. 
    • Marketing Emails: emails sent as part of a marketing campaign.
    • Role based emails: emails that are not sent from a particular person but a company, department, position, or group. A complete list of role-based emails: 
      • abuse
      • admin
      • alert
      • billing
      • compliance
      • devnull
      • dns
      • finance
      • ftp
      • hostmaster
      • info
      • infrastructure
      • inoc
      • ispfeedback
      • ispsupport
      • it
      • list
      • list-request
      • maildaemon
      • mailer-daemon
      • marketing
      • no-reply
      • noc
      • noreply
      • null
      • phish
      • phishing
      • postmaster
      • privacy
      • registrar
      • root
      • sales
      • security
      • spam
      • support
      • sysadmin
      • tech
      • undisclosed-recipients
      • unsubscribe
      • usenet
      • uucp
      • webmaster
      • www
    • Subscription Link Emails: emails containing unsubscribe links. 
    • Any conversations from: if there are emails from a particular email address or email domain that should always be filtered from your inbox, click Add email or domain. Enter an email address or domain, then click Add.
  • Never mark these conversations as spam: if there are emails from a particular email address or email domain that should never be filtered in your inbox, click Add email or domain. Enter an email address or domain, then click Add.
  • Click Save

In addition to the filtering rules above, the following will happen automatically in your inbox:

  • Emails sent from an existing contact in your database will not be filtered, unless the email is an automated response.
  • Emails sent from your connected team email address to that same email address will be filtered.
  • Emails sent from a blocked visitor will be filtered.
  • Emails sent from will be filtered.
  • Emails sent from your HubSpot account (e.g. emails sent from your workflows) will be filtered.
  • Emails sent in reply to a workflow email that creates a new thread in the inbox will be filtered. 

Please note: these automatic rules cannot be overridden with the Allowlist field.

If a visitor has been blocked, you can unblock them so that future emails from this sender will be delivered to your inbox. To unblock a visitor:

  • Click the email in the filtered view. 
  • In the visitor details in the right sidebar, click the More dropdown menu and select Unblock senderunblock%20sender
  • In the dialog box, click Yes, unblock email address.

To keep your inbox and account clean, any emails that are filtered will not trigger any automated actions in your workflows. This includes creating contact records, tickets, and notifications.