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Resolve a 'Request for Integration Permissions' error

Last updated: December 19, 2023

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

All products and plans

When you attempt to connect an integration to HubSpot, you may encounter a Request for Integration Permissions error. These errors occur because certain integrations require specific user roles and/or specific account-wide tools in order to connect to HubSpot.


Error: "Couldn't complete the connection. You don’t have permission to connect this integration."

The HubSpot user attempting to connect the integration does not have the user roles or permissions required to authorize the required scopes requested by the integration.

To resolve this error, the user connecting the integration must have App Marketplace permissions, which ensures they can connect and install apps from the HubSpot App Marketplace for your HubSpot account. If granting the user with these permissions does not work you will need to give them Super Admin permissions to resolve the error.


Error: "This account doesn't have access to some HubSpot features that are required by this integration. Please contact the integrator."

The HubSpot account the integration is connecting to does not have the tool(s) corresponding to the required scopes requested by the integration. For example, a HubSpot account with a Marketing Hub Starter subscription attempting to connect to an integration that requires the workflows tool.

To resolve this error, the HubSpot account must be upgraded to a subscription that has access to the required tool(s). If you want to upgrade your account, reach out to the third party integrator to determine which subscription is required to connect their integration.

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