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Use conversations on the HubSpot mobile app (BETA)

Last updated: September 13, 2021

In Beta

Applies to:

All products and plans

Access the conversations inbox while on the go on your HubSpot mobile app for iOS and Android. You can respond to an open conversation, add a comment for another team member, or reassign a conversation to another team member.

This version of the mobile app is currently in beta. If you're using the current version of conversations on mobile, learn how to use conversations on the mobile app

  • Open the HubSpot app on your device.
  • Tap More, then tap Conversations.
  • If you're a user in a paid account and have multiple inboxes, tap the dropdown menu at the top and select an inbox.
  • By default, a list of conversations that are assigned to you will appear. To view all conversations in the inbox, tap All conversations.
  • Use the Status dropdown menu to filter conversations by their open or closed status.
  • To navigate to a different inbox view, tap the listView menu icon.


  • To respond to a thread, tap a conversation to open it:
    • At the top of the conversation, the contact's name and online/offline status will appear. To view or edit the contact's record, tap the contact's name.
    • If the visitor who started the conversation is unknown, tap the add plus icon then search for and select an existing contact to associate the conversation to. create-contact-in-inbox-mobile
    • If you're using an Android device and have access to edit tickets, tap the verticalMenumenu icon then tap Create ticket. To view and make edits to an existing associated ticket, tap the ticket id number:
      • On the Associations tab, add or remove existing contact, company, or deal associations
      • To update the ticket's property values, tap the About tab, then tap Edit. Make edits to the ticket information, then click Save
      • To delete the associated ticket, on the About tab, tap Edit, then tap Deleteview-associated-ticket-on-mobile
    • If any users with assigned Service Hub paid seats are already responding to the visitor or viewing the thread, their avatar will appear in the reply editor and a typing indicator will signal that they're actively responding. You should open another unassigned conversationview-team-on-thread-mobile
    • Type a reply in the reply editor, using the icons to attach a file, insert a snippet, or share a knowledge base article. Then tap the send send icon.
    • To add a comment and mention another team member, tap the Comment tab. Type @ and your team member's name, then enter your message. Tap the send send icon.
  • add-comment-on-mobile
    • To forward an email thread, tap the verticalMenumenu icon on the message in the thread, then tap Forward.
    • Tap the back arrow to navigate back to the list of conversations.
  • To change you status to Away, tap the avatar in the top right.