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Migrate Stripe subscriptions to HubSpot

Last updated: June 3, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Marketing Hub   Starter , Professional , Enterprise
Sales Hub   Starter , Professional , Enterprise
Service Hub   Starter , Professional , Enterprise
Operations Hub   Starter , Professional , Enterprise
Content Hub   Starter , Professional , Enterprise

When connecting your Stripe account to use Stripe payment processing, you may be presented with an option to migrate your existing Stripe subscriptions to HubSpot. If eligible, you can sign up to request a migration service. After signing up, a member of the HubSpot team will reach out within seven days to schedule the migration. At the scheduled time, the migration expert will work with you over the phone to confirm the data that will be migrated, perform the migration, then confirm that the migration was successful once completed. 

Please note: when signing up for the migration, you will be prompted to agree to HubSpot's billing migration service terms.

Below, learn more about what to expect when migrating your Stripe subscriptions to HubSpot.


At this time, HubSpot is able to migrate simple, flat-rate billing subscriptions that are currently active. Migration services are limited to one Stripe account per HubSpot account.

Stripe subscriptions with any of the following criteria cannot be migrated at this time:

  • Line item-level taxes (e.g., taxing individual products, rather than taxing the full subscription).
  • Metered billing structures (also known as usage-based or consumption billing).
  • Subscriptions with complex discounting rules. For example, a two-year subscription with 20% discounted on the first year, followed by 10% discounted on the second year.

HubSpot will only migrate active subscriptions that qualify for migration. Any subscriptions that cannot be migrated will need to be managed in Stripe. 

Migrated data

During the migration, HubSpot will read the data in your connected Stripe account (limited to one Stripe account per HubSpot account) to create new assets in HubSpot. You do not need to backup your Stripe data before the migration, as HubSpot does not delete any data during the process.

Below, learn about what happens to your data in HubSpot and in Stripe.

In HubSpot

For each migrated subscription, HubSpot will create the following:

  • An subscription record.
  • An invoice.
  • Contact records for any contacts that are associated with the Stripe subscriptions. In HubSpot, these contacts will automatically be associated with the subscriptions and invoices that are created as a result of the migration.

Please note: the migration will not impact your account's data hosting location. In addition, if your account is hosted on the EU data center, you are subject to both HubSpot’s Regional Data Hosting Policy and the terms that apply to your use of Stripe payment processing. When using Stripe payment processing, data may be routed through Stripe’s EU data center and may be subject to HubSpot's Regional Data Hosting exclusions.

In Stripe

Stripe subscriptions that are migrated will be paused in Stripe so that HubSpot can continue billing your customers. Stripe subscriptions will not be deleted during migration, so you can always refer to them or resume billing in Stripe if you choose.

Please note: if you cancel a subscription in HubSpot, your customers will receive an email alerting them that their subscription has been canceled. If you wish to resume billing in Stripe rather than HubSpot, it's recommended to reach out to your customers in advance to prevent any confusion when switching systems.

After the migration

When your migration is completed, you can view all of your migrated subscriptions by navigating to Sales > Payments > Subscriptions. Learn more about viewing your subscriptions in HubSpot. The migration expert will also confirm with you over the phone that the number of eligible subscriptions matches the number of migrated subscriptions.

If you notice any issues after your migration, you can contact your migration expert.

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