British Columbia and Saskatchewan provincial sales tax | Frequently asked questions

Last updated: March 15, 2021

If your business is located in British Columbia or Saskatchewan, learn how HubSpot handles provincial sales tax (PST) and how you can update HubSpot with your PST exemption information.

PST is generally due when goods and services are sold and supplied into specific Canadian provinces. British Columbia and Saskatchewan impose a provincial sales tax in addition to the Canada federal goods and services tax (GST). PST is imposed on most goods and services that are bought and sold for use or consumption in each province. Generally, PST is invoiced by the supplier of goods or services, then collected from the customer, and remitted to the tax authorities. The PST imposed by British Columbia and Saskatchewan is not a recoverable tax.

Who is liable to pay PST?

HubSpot collects PST on all customers whose shipping address is located in either one of these provinces. Some exemptions may be applicable, such as the sale for resale.

HubSpot will charge PST if an exemption is not provided in a timely fashion.

Why is there a PST charge on my HubSpot invoice?

HubSpot is required to collect and remit PST for customers who are located in either British Columbia or Saskatchewan.

What if I have a PST ID or exemption form and forget to provide it?

Generally, PST will be applied to all invoices where the PST ID or PST exemption certificate has not been provided. However, if a valid PST ID or PST exemption certificate covering the service period can be provided, please submit the ID or certificate to within 180 days, for British Columbia, and 30 days, for Saskatchewan, of the invoice issuance date.

If you're charged PST but have a PST ID or PST exemption certificate, you can email with either your ID or certificate. With a valid ID or exemption certificate, PST can be refunded.] To qualify for a refund, you must provide HubSpot with your PST ID or certificate within 180 days (British Columbia) or 30 days (Saskatchewan) of the invoice issuance date.

Learn more about provincial sales tax exemptions for British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Why is the PST ID section blank on my invoice?

The PST ID section will only have a value if you're a tax exempt customer. If you're not a tax exempt customer, you don't need to provide HubSpot with a PST ID and you may disregard this section.