How to read your HubSpot Sales Pro or Marketing Starter receipt

Last updated: January 11, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: Starter
Sales: Professional

HubSpot billing is intended to be as flexible as possible. 

  • HubSpot Sales Admins have the ability to add/remove team members to your HubSpot Sales Pro Team Account at any time.
  • If a Sales Pro user is added part way through a billing period, a prorated charge will appear on next month's invoice.
  • HubSpot ensures that you are only charged for the time of HubSpot Sales Pro actually used by discounting the charges for any unused time.


Below is an example of what a HubSpot Sales Pro receipt will look like:

The example above shows a Team Account has five active users that subscribed at the time of the initial purchase date and are rated at $50 per user, totaling $250 per month. You can also see the billing period occurs on a monthly cadence. 

Here's another example of a HubSpot Sales Pro receipt, but this one has a prorated charge:

You can see that a prorated receipt includes a discount column to show the difference between list price (a full month of Sales Pro) and Total. The term of this Sales Pro usage 8/16/2016 - 9/6/2016, so each day short of a month is deducted from the list price.

Please note: If you cancel your Sales Pro account or downgrade a Sales Pro user, HubSpot continues to give the user access to the upgraded features until the end of your billing period. 


Similarly, here is an example of what a HubSpot Marketing Starter receipt will look like:

Please note: If you cancel your Marketing Starter account, HubSpot will continue to give you access to the upgraded features until the end of your billing period.