How do I read my HubSpot Sales Hub or Marketing Starter receipt?

Last updated: May 15, 2018

Applies to:

Marketing Hub: Starter
Sales Hub: Starter, Professional

HubSpot billing is intended to be as flexible as possible. Learn more about billing and understanding your invoice below.

  • Users with admin access have the ability to add/remove team members in your HubSpot Sales Hub Starter or Professional team account and in your Marketing Hub Starter account.
  • If a Sales Hub Starter or Professional user or a Marketing Hub Starter user is added part way through a billing period, a prorated charge will appear on next month's invoice.
Below is an example of a HubSpot Sales Hub Starter receipt:

The example above shows a team account has two active users that subscribed at the time of the initial purchase date and are rated at $50 per user, totaling $100 per month. You can also see the billing period occurs on a monthly cadence. 

Here's an example of a HubSpot Sales Hub Professional receipt:

The example above shows a team account has five active users, at a total of $400 per month. The three additional users are at $80 per month each, totaling $680 with tax.

Please note: if you cancel your Sales Professional account or downgrade a Sales Professional user, HubSpot continues to give the user access to the upgraded features until the end of your billing period. 

 Similarly, here is an example of what a HubSpot Marketing Hub Starter receipt looks like:

Please note: if you cancel your Marketing Hub Starter account, HubSpot will continue to give you access to the upgraded features until the end of your billing period. 

Receipts will be sent to the user who added or most recently changed your billing information. To change the billing recipient on your account, please ask the user who should receive billing information going forward to click the account name in the top right corner, then click Account & Billingthen Payment Methods. Edit the credit card information (even if no changes need to be made), and save. For in-depth instructions on updating your billing information, check out this article.

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