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Last updated: July 25, 2018


You can segment your contacts, companies, deals, or tickets based on specific characteristics. Custom saved filters allow you to quickly and easily see which contacts, companies, deals, or tickets meet the criteria you've set at any given time.

  • Click the property name from the sidebar menu. 
  • Select the radio button next to the filter criteria you want to use. 
  • When you are done configuring your criteria, click Apply filter.

  • Click Save to save your filter.

  • Give the saved filter a name and decide whether or not you'd like to make it accessible to your team members or everyone, and then click Save.

You can now return to this saved filter at any time by clicking All saved filters from the contacts dashboard. You can also customize the properties you see in this filter and manage the sharing settings once the filter is created. 


Saved filter options

There are a few actions you can take from your saved filter, all of which are available in the Options dropdown menu in the left sidebar menu:

  • Add to favorites: this will pin the saved filter to the left sidebar menu so you can easily click into it when navigating to Contacts.
  • Create report (reporting add-on only): if you have the reporting add-on, this allows you to create a report based on the segmentation applied to the current saved filter.
  • Clone: this will clone the current saved filter so you can save a modified version. 
  • Delete: this deletes the current saved filter and removes it from your All saved filters screen. 
  • Export: this allows you to export a CSV file of the contacts in the current saved filter.
  • Make default: this will set the current saved filter as the default when you navigate to Contacts.
  • Manage sharing: this allows you to make the saved filter private, accessible to your team, or accessible to everyone.
  • Rename: this allows you to edit the name of the current saved filter.

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