Reply to emails in the conversations inbox

Last updated: January 4, 2019

Learn how to connect a shared inbox to HubSpot, then respond to emails from your contacts directly from the conversations inbox. 

Connect your team email inbox channel

Please note: only users in your account with Admin access can connect a team email inbox channel.

To add a new channel to your conversations inbox:
  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Conversations > Inbox.
  • In the lower-left corner of your inbox, click Inbox Settings, then select Email


  • In the upper right, click Connect team email. If this is the first channel you are connecting, move through the setup wizard to create a team inbox channel for emails. 
  • Select which type of email account you want to connect.The conversations inbox can connect to a Gmail or Office 365 account. At this time, IMAP connection is not supportedIf you are using an email alias or Google Group, you will need to set up a hosted email in the conversation inbox which you can use to forward emails from your email alias or Google Group.

Important: any inbox you connect for conversations should be a shared inbox because all incoming emails will be visible to your entire team. The email address you are connecting cannot already be connected in a user's email integrations. If it is, the user will need to remove the connection before you can integrate it into a conversations inbox. 

  • After you've made your selection, in the dialog box, click Continue.
  • Review the terms about sharing this email account with HubSpot, then click Continue
  • Select which inbox you want to connect, enter your login credentials, and complete the connection process to allow HubSpot to access your inbox. 
  • Once your inbox is successfully connected, you'll be prompted to set up routing rules for incoming emails to this account:
    • Click the Automatically assign to dropdown menu and decide how incoming emails should be routed to your team members.  
    • Click the Apply action dropdown menu to indicate whether you want to Create a ticket for each new incoming email. If you choose to create a ticket, use the right sidebar pane to set up the ticket properties.
  • Click Done

If after you connect your inbox, you need to add more team members, you can do so from your inbox settings. Any user in your account can use conversations, but they need to be included on a team inbox in order to email contacts from the conversations inbox. 

Respond to an email conversation

If you are a member of a team inbox, you can respond to an email message directly through your connected team inbox using the rich text email editor. Just like with chats, you have the contact profile in the right sidebar for context.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Conversations > Inbox.
  • Click to open an email conversations that was assigned to you, or select an unassigned conversation and click Assign to me and reply
  • In the email editor, write your response. 
    • Click Templates across the top of the email editor to insert a template email. You can also insert Documents, schedule Meetings, or attach a quote from here.
    • The icons across the bottom of the email editor can be used to modify your text style, insert a link, add an image, include a snippet, link to a knowledge base article, or upload a file. 
    • When you're done with your message, click Reply
  • If there are any other objects (contacts, companies, deals, or tickets) associated with this email, you can click to view them or add new associated records.


  • When the conversation is over, in the upper right, click success Mark as closed