Why are my deals not showing up in the Deal Forecast?

Last updated: December 29, 2016

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Marketing: N/A
Sales: Free, Professional

There are three reasons why your deal may not be appearing in your Deal Forecast:

  1. An amount must be set for the deal.
  2. The deal's close date must be within your selected time frame.
  3. The weighted total of the deal stage must represent more than 3% of either the total forecasted value or your quota (whichever is higher). 
    • For example, let's say you have no quota set, and your total deals forecasted value is $3,000,000.
    • Let's say you then have a deal that has an amount of $10,000, and is in a deal stage that closes at a probability of 10%. 10% of $10,000 is $1,000. This represents the weighted total. 3% of $3,000,000 is $90,000. Since $1,000 is less than $90,000, the deal will not be shown on the forecast.

Note: The quota bar will only appear on the Deal Forecast if the total forecasted value of your deals is greater than 20% of the quota.