Why was my sales email not sent due to a send limit?

Last updated: April 5, 2018

You may occasionally notice that one of your sales emails fails with an error message on the contact timeline reading, This email wasn’t sent because you’ve hit your send limit. This indicates that you've hit the daily send limit when sending from your HubSpot account.

These sending limits vary based on email provider type:
  • Gmail Free: 350 emails per day
  • Google Apps: 1000 emails per day
  • Outlook 365: 1000 emails per day
  • Generic inbox: 1000 emails per day

HubSpot imposes these limits to ensure that you don't exceed limitations your email provider places upon the number of emails you are allowed to submit to your email server from a remote client. Additionally, we limit daily sends to avoid limitations that ESPs (Email Service Providers, like Gmail) impose upon outgoing and incoming mail to prevent spam.