How do I associate an activity with a specific contact, company, or deal record?

Last updated: November 14, 2017


When you add an activity to a contact, company, or deal record by leaving a note, sending an email, making a call, logging an activity, creating a task, or scheduling a meeting, you can customize which other records are associated with the activity. 

Your activity will appear on the timeline of the records shown in the Associated with section of the activity. By default, the associated contact and company, as well as the five most recent open deals associated with the record will appear here. Use the Add a contact/company/deal dropdown menus and x icons to add or remove associated records.

When you create a new deal and associate existing contacts and companies with it, the previous engagements logged on those contact and company records will not automatically appear on the deal record. However, from the contact or company record, you can edit the associations for existing activities that you'd like to see on the deal record.

Emails logged from your inbox will automatically appear on the contact and associated company records, as well as the five most recent open deals associated with the contact. This is also the case for sequences and engagements logged from HubSpot's mobile apps. Any additional replies in an email thread will be associated with the same records as the first email in the thread.

Please note: all activities created before November 13, 2017 will retain their original associations, but you can edit the associations for these activities on the timeline. 

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