Knowledge Base

Analyze knowledge base performance

Last updated: October 31, 2018

Applies to:

Service Hub
Professional, Enterprise

Once you've set up your knowledge base and created knowledge base articles, you can start analyzing the performance of your knowledge base in terms of article views, as well as the average time users spend on each article.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Service > Knowledge Base.
  • In the upper left, click the Insights tab.
  • Here, you'll see a list of all your knowledge base articles with the metrics Total viewsAverage time on articleHelpful rating, and Unhelpful rating.
  • Click a column header to sort the articles by metric, and click the Time range dropdown menu to change the time period the metrics are displayed for.


  • Analyze what search terms your customers are using to look up your knowledge base articles. You can view the total number of searches, the search terms that do not return any article results, and the most effective search terms for the time period selected.
  • In the Most Searched Terms report, select a term to view all of the knowledge base article results for that search term.


  • To view the performance of an individual article, click the name of the article.
  • Click the Time range dropdown menu to change the time period the metrics are displayed for.

  • You can view your knowledge base performance at a glance in your service dashboard, as well as add other pre-built knowledge base reports to the dashboard.
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