How does tracking work in the Ads Add-on?

Last updated: February 27, 2017

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Google AdWords

HubSpot uses a tracking template that is inserted on the account level in Google AdWords. Assuming that there is no tracking applied on the Campaign, Adgroup, or Ad level, our template will be used by Google to fill in the tracking parameters. You can learn more about this here.

Here’s the template we use:


The template incorporates utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign and utm_term so that all visits are correctly categorized in the Sources Report within HubSpot if a visit happens to be the visitor’s first interaction with you. This will bucket the visit under “Paid Search” as well as categorizing it by campaign and term.

The campaign parameter is set by custom parameters to correctly populate the utm_campaign on the Campaign level in Adwords. You can learn more about this here.

With our tracking template in place, you should be all set to go, but sometimes other tracking may interfere. There is a common scenario that may cause the tracking template to not work as expected:

  • A similar tracking template is used at a lower level than the account. For example, you may have a tracking template like this one set at the campaign level, which would overwrite our account-level template: {lpurl}&trkid={trkId}_{adgroupId}_{targetId}_{placement}_{creative}_{network}_{device}_{adType}_{target}.

Learn how to create a Google AdWords campaign in the Ads tool here


We make custom tracking URLs for all LinkedIn posts sponsored through the HubSpot Ads Add-on. These include the parameter utm_medium=paidsocial to ensure that they are categorized correctly in the Sources report.

Learn how to create a LinkedIn campaign in the Ads tool here.  


HubSpot automatically adds URL parameters, in which the unique ID numbers will correspond to your ad_id or campaign_id, to each of your Facebook ads:


This happens as soon as your Facebook account is connected. The tool then updates multiple times a day thereafter to ensure new ads are being tracked. If these parameters are modified by the user, HubSpot will overwrite them; these parameters cannot be changed while the account is connected. Any other parameters, like “utm_campaign=New+Product+Promotion” will be left in place and function normally.

In order for tracking to work, we will also “unwrap” shortened links. For example, if the Website URL link is originally, we will unwrap it and reset the field to

You can also track your Facebook Lead ads in HubSpot. Find out more here