How does tracking work in the Ads Add-on?

Last updated: August 13, 2018

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Learn how your Google Adwords and Facebook ads are tracked within HubSpot's Ads add-on. The parameters outlined below dictate how new contacts and customers are credited in the ads tool.

Google AdWords

HubSpot uses a tracking template that is inserted on the campaign level in Google AdWords. Any parameters that exist or are added at the account level or the campaign level will be merged with the HubSpot parameters at the campaign level in your AdWords tracking. However, no parameters specified on the campaign or account level in AdWords will be overwritten.

Please notein October 2018, Google Adwords will require parallel tracking in all AdWords account. While this update will not interfere with HubSpot's tracking in the Ads Add-on, you still cannot use an external click tracking service that uses redirects in addition to HubSpot's ad tracking. HubSpot uses tracking templates that are formatted so that clicks on an ad send visitors directly to the destination URL. There are some external click tracking services that require redirects and are therefore not compatible with HubSpot's tracking template. 

The HubSpot ads integration automatically adds the following URL parameters to AdWords ads:

hsa_acc={ID of account/customer}

utm_campaign={_utmcampaign} - set by default to the name of the AdWords campaign or, if you associate your ad with a HubSpot campaign, the HubSpot campaign name

Please note: HubSpot ads tracking parameters will not take precedence over what's been set on a tracking template on the adgroup, ad, or lower levels in AdWords. Adding tracking on these levels will cause the tracking template to not work as expected.


The HubSpot ads integration automatically adds the following URL parameters to Facebook ads:


hsa_src=[SOURCE_SITE_NAME] - set to Facebook or Instagram automatically
utm_campaign={Name of Ad campaign}
hsa_la={true} - for lead ads, {false} or absent otherwise
{true} - for organic leads from lead ads, {false} or absent otherwise

These parameters are added automatically as soon as your Facebook account is connected. The unique ID numbers will correspond to your ad_id or campaign_id, to each of your Facebook ads. Any parameters specified on the Facebook ad within Facebook will not be overwritten by HubSpot. 

The tool updates multiple times per day thereafter to ensure new ads are being tracked. 

Please note: to prevent resetting Facebook’s ad optimization algorithm, HubSpot will not apply tracking to Facebook ads that already have 20 engagements at the time you first connect your Facebook ads account to HubSpot. Once your account is connected, HubSpot will apply tracking to all newly created ads going forward.


As of July 31, 2017, the LinkedIn Ads integration has been removed from HubSpotAny LinkedIn campaigns originally created in HubSpot will continue to run in LinkedIn Ads. To manage your existing campaigns, navigate to the native LinkedIn Ads manager.

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