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Last updated: March 9, 2017

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This article will walk through using the call queue in HubSpot Sales. The call queue allows you to preselect contacts that you would like to call in a row. You'll have the ability to skip contacts and set the amount of time desired in between each call, to ensure a fit with your workflow.

Add contacts to the Call Queue

To add contacts to your call queue, navigate to Contacts within HubSpot Sales. Choose the contacts you would like to call by selecting the checkbox next to their record. Next, select Add to call queue to add contacts to your Call Queue.


Start calling your Call Queue

In order to start calling the contacts added to your Call Queue, navigate to Sales Tools Call Queue. On this screen, you can see the contacts in your queue and their Call Status:

  • Voicemail - The Contact did not pick up
  • Completed - You were able to speak with the Contact
  • Not Started - Contacts that have not yet been called

In the top right corner of the page, select Start Calling.

The tool will automatically start with the first contact in your Call Queue. You will be redirected to the contact's record. There will be Call Queue controls added to the top of the page, so you'll have the option to navigate to the Previous contact in the queue, Pause calling, or move to the Next contact in the queue.

If you'd prefer to remove this contact from the queue altogether, click the Remove from call queue button before the call.

You can also remove contacts from the Call Queue by going to the queue itself, checking the box next to the contact's name and clicking Remove from queue

Once the Call Queue begins, you'll have the option to change the time delay between calls. To do so, select the dropdown below the call countdown.

You can even prevent the call queue from automatically starting the next call. Simply hit the Next arrow whenever you're ready to place the next call.

Completing calls

Complete your call by clicking the Hang up button. Take any notes and select a call outcome. Next, click the Save call and open next contact button to move on to the next call in the queue.

The contact you called will now appear with a Call status of Connected in the Call Queue.

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