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Use task queues

Last updated: September 28, 2022

Applies to:

Sales Hub Starter, Professional, Enterprise
Service Hub Starter, Professional, Enterprise

In HubSpot, you can create tasks to help manage your to-do list. To complete tasks back-to-back, you can create a task queue. When you start the task queue, it will bring you to an associated record (a contact, company, etc.) to complete the first task. After completing a task in a queue, you'll be brought to the associated record of the next task.

Users with an assigned seat of Sales Hub or Service Hub Professional or Enterprise can also invite other users with Professional and Enterprise seats to work on the tasks in a queue. 

Please note: each user can create up to 20 task queues in each account. If you need to create a new queue and have reached your limit, consider deleting a completed queue to create a new queue.

Create a task queue

Users with an assigned seat of Sales Hub or Service Hub Starter, Professional, or Enterprise can create task queues for their individual use. If you're a user with a Professional or Enterprise seat, you can also create shared queues for other users with Professional and Enterprise seats.

To create a new task queue:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Sales > Tasks.
  • In the upper right, click Add queue.


  • In the right panel, enter a name for your Task queue.
  • If you're a user with a Sales Hub or Service Hub Professional or Enterprise seat, you can invite other users to your task queue. Only the creator of the task queue can invite users and make changes, such as editing or deleting the queue.

Please note: you can only add users with a Sales Hub or Service Hub Professional or Enterprise seat to a task queue. If you assign a task in a queue to a user that does not have access to the queue, that task will be removed from the queue.

    • Click the Add users to queue dropdown menu and search or locate the users you want to invite.
    • Select the checkboxes next to their names.
    • To remove an invited user, click X next to their names in the dropdown menu.


Add tasks to queues

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Sales > Tasks.
  • To add a new task to a queue, click Create task. Enter the details of your task and select a queue from the Queue dropdown menu.
  • To add existing tasks to a queue, select the checkboxes next to tasks you want to include in your queue, then click Change queue at the top of the table.


  • In the dialog box, select the queue in the dropdown menu.
  • Click Save.


You and any users sharing the queue will now have access to the tasks and can help complete them. 

Complete tasks in a task queue

When you start a task queue, you will be brought to associated records for the tasks in the queue consecutively, starting with the first task. Any task in the queue that is not associated with a record will be automatically skipped. If none of the tasks in the queue are associated with a record, the queue cannot start.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Sales > Tasks.
  • Click the task queue you want to work on. The task queue tabs also include default queues, such as Upcoming.
  • In the upper right, click Start tasks. If you have tasks in the queue that are not associated with any records, you'll be prompted to either add associations, complete the tasks, or skip the tasks.


You'll be redirected to the record associated with the first task in the queue. If you've specified a task type (e.g., Email, Call, or LinkedIn Sales Navigator), the corresponding activity editor will automatically open on the record.

Please note: if you added message content to the Notes field when creating a LinkedIn Sales Navigator task, the InMail or connection request will not auto-populate with this content. You will need to manually enter the message content.

On each record, you can do one of the following:

  • If you can complete the task, do so, then click Complete to move on to the next task.
  • If you're sending an email to a contact while in a task queue, you can choose whether or not to automatically complete the task when the email is sent:
    • At the bottom of the email editor, select the downCarat down carat
    • To send an email and complete the task, select Send and complete task. To send an email but keep the task incomplete, select Send to send immediately or Send Later to schedule the email.
  • If you can't complete the task, do one of the following:
    • To skip the task and move on to the next one, in the upper right, click Skip. The task will remain incomplete.
    • To reschedule the due date to a later date, in the upper right, click Reschedule. Once rescheduled, click Next to move to the next task.
    • To exit the task queue and remain on the record, in the upper right click X
  • You can click any associated records in the record's right panel and still remain in the task queue. You can also view upcoming tasks in the queue at any time by clicking the Progress dropdown menu.

You can't delete a task on a record while working through the task queue. To delete a task in a queue, navigate back to the tasks index page.

Edit, delete, or reorder task queues

You can change a task queue's name and edit the tasks included in the queue. You can also delete unused task queues and reorder them for your convenience. If you're a user with a Professional or Enterprise seat, you can give other Professional and Enterprise users access to a queue.

Please note: for shared task queues, only the user that created the queue can edit or delete it.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Sales > Tasks.
  • Select the queue you want to delete from the tabs at the top. If the queue does not appear, click the More dropdown menu and select the queue.
  • Once you're on the correct tab, click the name of the queue. In the dropdown menu:
    • Edit: rename the task queue and add or remove users with access to the queue in the right panel. Click Save.
    • Delete: delete the queue. In the dialog box, click Delete.
    • Reorder views: reorder the queue tabs. In the right panel, drag the queues to the order you want and click Save.


Automatically add tasks to a task queue

In accounts with access to workflows or sequences, you can create tasks automatically and add them to a shared task queue, allowing other users to view and complete the tasks.

In a workflow (Professional and Enterprise only)

When you create your workflow and add a Create task action, in the right panel, you can add the tasks to a task queue.

  • When adding the Create task section, click the Add to task queue dropdown menu and select the task queue to add the task to.
  • Enter the task details, then click Save.
If you select a task queue that is shared with multiple users, all of those users can view and complete these tasks.

In a sequence (Professional and Enterprise only)

When you create a sequence and add a task step, you can select the task queue to add the task to.

  • When adding the task step, click the Queue dropdown menu and select the task queue you want to add the task to.
  • Click Add, then continue editing your sequence.

If you select a task queue shared with multiple users, all of those users can view and complete these tasks.

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