Connect your Exchange account to HubSpot (BETA)

Last updated: May 5, 2021

In Beta

Applies to:

All products and plans

If you're using an Exchange email account to send personal emails to your contacts, you can connect this Exchange account to HubSpot. With your account connected, you can send one-to-one emails from the CRM, log email replies to the CRM, and send sequences emails.

Before connecting your Exchange inbox, confirm with your IT team that your Exchange server is running Exchange 2010 SP2 and above. Your Exchange email address and password are required in order to connect your inbox, but depending on your Exchange server’s configuration, HubSpot may require additional information to connect. Refer to the table below before connecting your inbox to make sure you have all of the necessary information.

Information (*required) Example values
Email address*
Password* HubSpot123
Username jdoe
Exchange URL
Exchange version Exchange 2010 SP2 and above

Please note: if your email inbox uses two-factor authentication, you'll need to enter a third-party app password. Review documentation from Microsoft to learn how to generate a third-party app password.

Connect your Exchange account

To connect your Exchange account:

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to General.
  • Click the Email tab. 
  • Click Connect personal email.
  • In the dialog box, select Exchange.connect-exchange-inbox-choose-email-provider
  • Read through what to expect when you connect your inbox to HubSpot, then click Continue. You can also review the HubSpot Sales privacy overview before connecting.
  • In the dialog box, enter the following information:
    • Email address: your exchange email address.
    • Username: enter your username. Typically, this is what is listed before the @ symbol in the email address, or your user ID.
    • Password: your Exchange password.
    • Exchange URL: enter the URL used to access your Exchange server.connect-exchange-email-account

Please note: the Exchange URL of your Exchange server will most likely be formatted as If you're not sure what to enter, log into your Exchange mailbox from a web browser, then copy the URL and paste it into the Exchange URL field. HubSpot will be able to detect and recommend the correct Exchange URL.

  • Click Connect inbox.
  • Your connection will be verified and completed, and a dialog box will inform you that your Exchange inbox is now connected to HubSpot.

Please note: when HubSpot connects to your Exchange account, any folders that associated with your inbox rules sync with HubSpot. If you add a new inbox rule or delete an existing folder, you need to reconnect your inbox to prevent syncing issues.

Troubleshoot errors when connecting an inbox with Exchange 

You might experience an error while connecting the inbox or while updating your inbox in your Email Integrations settings. To view inbox connection errors:

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Integrations > Email Integrations.
  • Any error messages will appear on the Connected Emails tab.

You may need to contact your IT department or your email provider to confirm details about your Exchange setup or user account.

Exchange URL is invalid

HubSpot can't connect to the Exchange server due to an issue with the URL. Verify that the Exchange URL is accurate and formatted like

Please note: make sure that the URL does not redirect to an Outlook Web App login page. If you use an Outlook Web App URL when connecting your Exchange inbox, you will get an invalid URL error.

To find your Exchange server URL, log into your email account from your browser. Once you've logged in, copy the domain of the URL and paste it into the Exchange field. For example, if the full URL of your email account is, the correct Exchange URL would be

Unable to connect due to Exchange version

HubSpot can't connect your inbox because you're using an older version of Exchange. You will need to update your Exchange server to Exchange 2010 SP2 or above.

Unable to connect to Exchange server

HubSpot encountered a general error without additional messaging when connecting your inbox.

  • Confirm that your Exchange mailbox has an SMTP address, which is required to send email.
  • Verify that the domain of your Exchange URL is listed as a common name on the SSL certificate installed on your SSL server.


HubSpot encountered an authentication error, which indicates that the credentials you entered are incorrect:

  • Confirm that your email address and password are correct.
  • If you use two-factor authentication, you'll need to enter a third-party app password. Review documentation from Microsoft to learn how to generate a third-party app password.
  • Some Exchange servers require a custom username to log in. The default format for a custom Exchange login is DOMAIN\username.  Confirm if your Exchange server requires a custom username to connect.
  • Confirm HubSpot can access your Exchange server using Exchange Web Services

Test email failed

To verify that your inbox is connected and working, HubSpot submits a test email from your inbox to the BCC address for your account. This test email may fail to send due to a permissions issue. Confirm that your user account in Exchange has permission to send mail on behalf of the specified sending account.