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Last updated: April 5, 2018


Using the form submissions screen, you can view all the data that's being submitted through your form, including the contact's name, the time of submission, the page they converted on (as long as the page the form is on has the HubSpot tracking code on it), the overall submission data for the form, and the specific data that each contact submitted through your form. The submissions are listed chronologically, with the most recent submission at the top.

From the form submissions screen, you can also export the form submission data for use outside of HubSpot. The information here is historic; if you've ever edited the available options for a field, removed a field, or added a new field to your form, the submitted data will remain in the submissions view. For example, if you once had Industry on your form but removed it, all contacts who submitted data in this field when it existed on the form will still show that information in the submissions screen, even though Industry is no longer a part of the form today.

It's important to regularly view form submissions data and evaluate whether or not the information you wish to collect is being captured as you desire. Based on what you find in the data your contacts submit, you may decide to make some fields required to ensure that contacts are submitting data for particular questions you are asking them. Forms shouldn't be a "set and forget" part of your marketing efforts. Regularly combing through your submissions information is important to see the overall health of the form.

Please note: the total number of form submissions may be different than the number of unique contacts who have submitted the form. When a visitor fills out the form with an existing email address or they fill out the form from a browser that has its cookie tied to an existing contact record, the submission will be attributed to (de-duplicated into) the existing contact with that email address or browser cookie; a new contact record will not be created.

Navigate to the forms submissions screen

In your HubSpot Marketing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account, navigate to Contacts > Forms; or in your HubSpot CRM or Marketing Hub Starter account, navigate to Lead Capture > Forms. Find the form you wish to view submissions for and click on the number in the Submissions column. Alternatively, you can hover over the form name and click Actions > View submissions

The number in the Submissions column does not represent the all-time number of submissions on the form, but only the number of submissions that have occurred in the time frame listed at the top of the forms dashboard. 

You can also access the forms submissions screen from the forms editor. Select Actions > View submissions in the upper right-hand corner of the forms editor.

Form submissions screen overview

At the top of the page, you'll see the overall statistics for your form:

  1. All time views: the total number of views for all of the pages your form appears on that also have your HubSpot tracking code on them.
  2. Submissions to date: the total number of times the form has been submitted, across all of your pages (HubSpot-hosted and external pages where the form is embedded). Please note that this total number is continuously being updated as submissions come through and analytics are amended.
  3. Conversion rate: the total number of submissions divided by the total number of views for the form, all time.

Below the overview, you can see the submission details for each submission, starting with the most recent submission first.

In the table of submissions, you'll see the following information: 

  • Name: the name of the contacts who have submitted the form (if you have asked for and captured their name).
  • Conversion page: the name of the page on which they converted (as long as that page has your HubSpot tracking code on it).
  • Submitted on: the date/time they submitted the form.

To see the details of a particular submission, hover over the row of the submission and click View submission in the table. The details of the submission will appear on the right. 

At the top of the Submission details sidebar menu, you'll see the name of the contact (if known) and when they last submitted the form. Below that, you'll see each contact property they filled out on the form, along with the value they provided for each form field. 

View uploaded files

When a contact uploads a file in a file upload form field, you can access the file right in the form submissions screen in two locations: 

  • Follow the instructions above to open a contact's Submission details sidebar. Within the sidebar, click on the hyperlinked document name to access the file the contact uploaded. 
  • You can access all the files that contacts have submitted via a file upload form field by clicking on the View file uploads button at the top of the form submissions screen.
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Export submission data

To export the submission data from your form, click Export submissions at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can navigate to Contacts > Forms, hover over your form, and click Actions > Export submissions. You can also select Actions > Export submissions in the upper right-hand corner of the forms editor. 

In the dialog box, choose the file type for your exported file (XLS, XLSX, or CSV) and the email you wish the exported file to be sent to. Click Export, and this file will be sent to the specified email address.

If contacts have merged based on the different users resubmitting a form on the same device with the same browser cookie present, exporting the form submissions data will give you their separate submission data, which you can use to create a separate contact record for the merged submission. Learn more here.

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