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Connect HubSpot and Sansan

Last updated: June 28, 2023

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

All products and plans

Connect your HubSpot and Sansan accounts to sync your business card information to your HubSpot account. This integration uses data sync.

This integration will sync both existing and any new contacts created or modified from the day the integration is installed.

Integration requirements

  • You must be a super admin or have App Marketplace permissions in your HubSpot account.
  • You need at least Operations Hub Starter to create any custom field mappings.
  • It is recommended that a Sansan admin installs the integration as HubSpot is only able to view tags and contacts that the user installing the integration has access to.

Connect the integration

Please note: if you had the Sansan integration connected to your HubSpot account before 14 December 2022, please uninstall and reinstall following the steps below.

Please also note the following changes to the integration:
  • The sync does not start automatically. You must set up the sync and turn it on to begin syncing contacts between the two systems.
  • If you delete a contact in Sansan, you need to manually delete the contact in HubSpot.
  • Both new and existing contacts in Sansan will sync to HubSpot, unless you use filters to exclude contacts. 


To connect the integration:

  • In your HubSpot account, click the marketplace Marketplace icon in the main navigation bar, then select App Marketplace.
  • Search for the Sansan integration, and select Sansan in the results.
  • In the top right, click Connect app, and log in to your Sansan account.
  • In the dialog box, enter your Sansan API key and select the checkbox next to any public and shared tags you want to sync to HubSpot. It is only possible to sync public or shared tags, and HubSpot will sync up to 300 tags.
  • Click Connect to Sansan


It is possible to connect more than one Sansan API key to your HubSpot account. To connect an additional API key: 

  • {{local.navIntegrations}
  • Click Sansan.
  • Click Actions > Manage accounts.
  • In the right panel, click Connect another account.
  • Proceed with the steps to connect the API key to your HubSpot account. 

Set up the sync

After connecting the app, you will need to configure your app settings and turn the sync on to begin syncing data between the two integrations.
  • On the Configure screen, choose your sync direction and map Sansan’s fields to HubSpot properties.
    • In the Map your fields section, review and modify default property mappings, turn off unwanted mappings, and set up custom mappings (Operations Hub Starter only).
  • On the Limit screen, configure how you want to sync object records from HubSpot to Sansan, and vice versa.
    • By default, HubSpot will only sync contacts that have a valid email address. To turn this off, in the Reduce the change of duplicates section, clear the Only sync contacts with an email address checkbox.
    • In the Limit which records sync section, choose criteria to limit which records will sync from HubSpot to your third-party app, and vice versa. If no filters are selected, all existing and new Sansan contacts will sync to HubSpot.
  • In the Review screen, review the rules you’ve configured, then click Save and sync. The initial sync will then begin to process. After the initial sync is complete, records will sync within 10 minutes of a change.
Learn more about sync health and how to monitor your sync.
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