Can Salesforce tasks sync to HubSpot contacts?

Last updated: December 16, 2016

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Marketing & Sales
Subscription: Professional & Enterprise

Yes. When you are integrated with Salesforce and have enabled the Task sync setting, you may sync Salesforce tasks to your HubSpot CRM contacts.

The default tasks in Salesforce are Calls, Emails, Other, and Meetings. When you have Task sync enabled in HubSpot and a new task is created on a lead or contact record in Salesforce, you will see that task show up in the corresponding contact's record in the HubSpot CRM.

  • Create the new task in Salesforce.


  • You can access the newly created task on the contact record in Salesforce


  • You can also see the Salesforce task on the contact record in the HubSpot CRM. Please note that you will need to wait for a sync to occur in order to see the item appear in the contact's timeline.